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yeah...this interscope thing is a little bit strange...why did he signed to them...they had nothing done for the album and they won't do it in the near future...will should have released completely with overbrook or with j records(alicia keys is on it)!

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Interscope does the distribution!!! Will is on Overbrook and it's all his decision on how he promotes it!!

It's like Aftermath & Interscope! Aftrmath is the company promoting eminem and fifty, not interscope! Interscope lays under vivendi universal. You can't say that it's vivendi that's promoting it. It's overbrook and interscope handles the shipping and so on!

EDIT: But it's good he's holding up and not falling like beanie did. If he does over 50k a week until tell me why is released, then we got a platinum album! But if overbrook and interscope (there interscope has a part: releasin the single in time!) release tell me why too late, then it won't hold up it's numbers. I''m saying the end of this month tell me why should be released to the radio and released as a single in the middle of may.

Then partystarter in August =). That should keep the album in the top 30 all the way to september =)

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i personally think buyoing more than one copy is a little stupid. im a big will smith fan too but i dont have to waste my money on a second copy if i already have one. if your doing it for his sales to get higher i think thats dumb. but if your getting two copies to get like one for a friend of another copy for the car or something thats fine, its just my opinon


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the album's doing much better position-wise over in the US than it is over here (UK), I wonder why that is, anyone have an idea? Suppose it's probably because there's been absolutely jack all promotion for it!

The album's doing worse over there in the UK? I figured it was certified platinum already there. :cwm:

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