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Hey y'all. Numero Uno is really movin wit all these new posts. I figure hey, why not get in on all this hype. Anyway, I had got some major inspiration for an intro track. And worked on it today. Finished it too. Check it out.

April 7, 2005 ©

It's time for me to speak on brah, and say what I gotta say

Introduction, then I'll sign off cordially

as a young MC, 18 at the time of this rhyme

Releasin' pieces of lifetimes that was on my mind

Become the embodiment, but ain't nobody tryna stop it

This good will die young, doin' good and keep it positive

Take terms in my mind to reach determination

Put energy in my body to reach motivation

to get wherever as I face struggles and troubles

Preparing is cool, but ain't as if I know

Slowly slip, but grip the pen as I write wit it

No one should try to rip cuz everyone will know that I did it

People said "Mike, hope U accomplish ya rapper dream"

But I'm here rappin' now, so what could U possibly mean?

Oh, U mean ice on wrist, success packed in a chain

Having a major fame, become a household name

But that ain't gotta be, I do this for me

and my part of responsibility in bettering society

That is a cause that I'd never put on pause

Hope to be effective in the ways that I step to it

Wonda why we see things different and then start trippin'

Hurt each other or ourselves, and that ain't good intentions

Hope U hear me, even tho I ain't all wild

Hope U feel me, cuz I try givin U the best of my style

of who I am, going thru the times

and this is how it is, whenever I rhyme

My lyrics; full of knowledge and understandin'

Speak on, whether or or not a mic is my hand

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hey man nice rhyme :thumb:

this rhyme really entertained me

People said "Mike, hope U accomplish ya rapper dream"

But I'm here rappin' now, so what could U possibly mean?

love to hear audio

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Damn that's really hot, I started spittin' that when I saw that, wow every line is deep! :peace: :bowdown:

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