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Men in black

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i was just listenin to the men in black song and i wondered who was the female vocals on it.... i suddenly thought it sounded like tatyana ali... not sure why but hey yeah there we go.... anyone kno who it was?

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I can't believe how many people didn't know that waz Coko. She waz the front woman of SWV (Sisters With Voices)...her voice is unmistakable. Please tell me u've heard Weak, Right Here, Anything, You're The One, Someone, Rain....one of their many hit. Back when JJ+FP did "I Wanna Rock" at the AMA's...SWV waz givin' them crazy love by dancing 2 their performance.

SWV broke up in 1998/1999, Coko had a slightly successful solo album in very late 1998/early 1999. Since then she's been pretty unheard of. SWV waz supposed 2 reunite 4 an album but that waz awhile ago.

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