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Top 5 Rappers

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yo, bigted.. I think ur 1 is the most realistic 1 here..

My top 5 is:

1. Kool Keith

2. Blastmaster Krs

3. Del from Hieroglyphics/ Gorillaz

4. Masta Ace

5. Maybe Guru

In fact, I'm not that one who is really into emcing.. well, I can tell u .. this guy soundz dope.. this guy has a cool technic.. this guy has a message 4 me and so on.. but I can't rank them.. it's just how much recordz I have from each artist..

and yes, Big Ted.. I think underground rips up Hip poppers easily.. Kanye West, dmx, Fabolous, Dr. Dre.. I mean, well, Dr. Dre beatz are rough, but this people as favourite emcees? Or always stuff like "2pac and biggie smalls were da best of all time" and so on.. I mean, I can't tell u that they were not good, but I don't like them just of da fact that they were sellout.

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If Pac and Biggie were still living they wouldn't be ranked so high(possibly Pac might be considered one of the top 'cause he had a style his own but the Death Row image could've hurt his cred in the longrun and still does 'cause most peeps don't remember what he was before the "thug life" image came along) and that's a fact 'cause it seems that their sales soared in their death more than when they were living, they could've became inconsistant too, it's not a fact that either one of them could've dropped 10+ solid LPs like LL and KRS have, that'll always remain unknown.

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