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Lost and Found sales update

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Charts: SoundScan Album Sales 4/06/2005

Charts: SoundScan Album Sales 4/06/2005

Loyal to The Game…

Urbanconnects.com is your only source for your Soundscan report. Drill that into your dome until it’s well known. You wan to get your review of the charts then log onto this site to get your street review of the numbers. Now check it; Soundscan numbers should NEVER determine how good an album is. Many a classic album have sold terrible in it’s 1st week and so forth. Good music is good music. Don’t be on this Hip Hop/Industry/Radio Spins attitude **** where if it ain’t on TRL or 106th and Park or not in regular rotation it’s not what’s up. Stay Loyal to the Game.Beanie Sigel’s “B. Coming” is a potentially classic album that needs to be supported by every street corner cat in the struggle. For the next couple months albums from Common, Do or Die, and my homeys, the Outlawz will drop that won’t be getting love on the Soundscan charts.Real Hip Hop Supporters Plz Stand Up!!!

Nuff’ gun shot bust off for Philly as an icon and a Potential Hip Hop Hall-A-Famer both debut strong on Top 200 Charts. Beanie Sigel sells an impressive 131,752 this week while Will Smith’s debut on Interscope, yes on Interscope, debuts at Number 6 with 98, 446 sold, respectively. Though we could care less how much Will Smith truly sells with his latest offering, its good to see that the Broad St. Bully debuted at number 3 on top of a Philly Icon Will Smith, knowing that the streets have answered over Hollywood. Congratulation Beans…Hold Ya Head!!! With that being said the conglomerate we call Interscope Records continues to cake with 5 Records in the top 20. “Hate Him or Love Him” Curtis Jackson remains on top with a total of over 2.8 million. Game and Gwen Stefani rests in the top 14 and 15 spots with Game classic selling 44,770 this week and Gwen sells 44,388 this week. Both artists are running neck and neck for real with Game at a total of 1.7 million in and Gwen is at a total of 1.5 million. John Legend gets lifted to Platinum status with 39, 537 in. Luda never seems to disappoint as his album does over 32,000 this week bringing his numbers over 1.5. 32,925 idiots went and supported J. Lo this week as the Millennium Marilyn Monroe quietly goes gold. Jersey City via Atlanta’s Akon is still killing them out there with his sales going up 4 % bringing his numbers over 600,000. It seems as if no one cares that Tweet: “It’s Me Again” is out. I’m still going to check it out but I wouldn’t buy an album entitled with that bull**** either but she got banging beats though. The JT the Bigg Figga Game- West Coast Resurrection debuts with at least over 18,000 heads checking for pre-Dr. Dre’s version of The Game. The Legendary Tupac’s album still kissing platinum selling over 8500 this week bringing the Don’s numbers to 987,470. T.I kisses platinum as his quite impressive Urban Legend goes up 4 % totaling his numbers to 940463.C-Murder still struggling with fewer than 50,000 sold, WOW!! Nas still hold on to his status in the top 200 as he goes down 13% in sales bring God Son’s total to 631,741.A gang of Rock-N-Roll albums threaten to leave the top 200 as hip hop controls the market.

Check out what’s off the radar and I’ll see yall next week with fire to your ass if Pimp C don’t do over 100,000 next week, Texas!!!!!

Position/Artist/Album/This Week/%Chg/Last Week/Total

1 50 CENT MASSACRE 210,697 -36 328,683 2,815,471

3 SIGEL*BEANIE B.COMING 130,714 999 1,036 131,752

4 112 PLEASURE & PAIN 117,347 999 395 117,742

6 SMITH*WILL LOST & FOUND 98,053 999 393 98,446

13 CIARA GOODIES 47,751 -18 58,337 1,586,930

14 GAME DOCUMENTARY 44,770 -22 57,724 1,795,594

16 LEGEND*JOHN GET LIFTED 39,537 -18 48,262 1,003,993

19 EMINEM ENCORE 33,186 -31 48,145 4,414,940

20 LOPEZ*JENNIFER REBIRTH 32,952 -45 60,305 501,552

21 LUDACRIS RED LIGHT DISTRICT 32,575 -19 40,061 1,524,150

22 CHARLES*RAY GENIUS LOVES COMPANY 32,118 -43 56,442 2,816,394

24 USHER CONFESSIONS 31,007 -34 46,641 8,763,173

25 T.I. URBAN LEGEND 30,011 4 28,824 940,463

26 DADDY YANKEE BARRIO FINO 28,633 12 25,508 453,587

29 AKON TROUBLE 27,210 5 25,855 628,887

30 FANTASIA FREE YOURSELF 25,812 -19 32,041 1,272,115

35 OMARION O 23,406 -32 34,422 400,332

37 TWEET IT'S ME AGAIN 22,307 -59 54,695 77,277

40 RAY SOUNDTRACK 21,455 -41 36,410 1,266,355

42 LIL JON & THE EAST SIDE BOYZ CRUNK JUICE 21,160 -25 28,256 2,091,245

43 DESTINY'S CHILD DESTINY FULFILLED 21,145 -22 27,278 2,544,194

47 MARIO TURNING POINT 19,867 -30 28,584 969,485

53 GAME, THE WEST COAST RESURRECTION 17,995 999 163 18,158

54 SNOOP DOGG R&G (RHYTHM) 17,943 -12 20,416 1,486,452

57 VALENTINE*BROOKE CHAIN LETTER 17,308 -26 23,331 83,175

67 TURNER*TINA ALL THE BEST 14,943 -50 29,885 434,931

68 TRICK DADDY THUG MATRIMONY 14,935 -23 19,412 731,990

70 KEYS*ALICIA DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS 14,671 -35 22,493 4,167,130

75 C-MURDER TRUEST S--- I EVR SAID 13,625 -53 29,151 43,342

80 BABY BASH SUPER SAUCY 13,206 -33 19,783 81,238

83 LYFE LYFE 268-192 12,863 12 11,488 219,516


88 NELLY SUIT 11,860 -35 18,357 2,866,260

95 JAY-Z/LINKIN PARK COLLISION COURSE 10,582 -37 16,823 1,625,995

109 MCKNIGHT*BRIAN GEMINI 9,606 -15 11,364 247,217

110 BLACK EYED PEAS ELEPHUNK 9,597 -28 13,244 2,568,185

123 TUPAC LOYAL TO THE GAME 8,564 -16 10,188 987,470

126 BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY GREATEST HITS 8,424 -8 9,204 167,558

142 QUEEN LATIFAH DANA OWENS ALBUM 7,612 -16 9,026 588,979

146 WEST*KANYE COLLEGE DROP OUT 7,352 -26 9,953 2,624,310

150 ASHANTI CONCRETE ROSE 7,217 -25 9,569 776,107

157 DADDY YANKEE LOS HOMERUN-ES 6,920 999 52 6,984

170 NAS STREET'S DISCIPLE 6,518 -13 7,505 631,741

171 PITBULL M.I.A.M.I. (MONEY IS A MAJOR I 6,451 1 6,358 383,202

173 PIMP C SWEET JAMES JONES STORIES 6,365 -21 8,094 63,297


Off The Radar Top 10


Lil Boosie & Weebbie/Gangsta Musik/5-25-04//38,191

Ying Yang/My Brother & Me/11-02-04/289,430


Jadakiss/Kiss Of Death/6-15-04/969,507

Mac Dre/Ronald Dregan-Dreganomics/6-29--04/19,662

Z-Ro/Life Of Joseph W. McVey/2-24-04/62,599

Clinton Sparks/Vol 1-Get Familiar/2-22-05/2,069

Pastor Troy/Face Off-Part Two/3-01-05/31,204

Do Or Die/D.O.D/2-01-05/82,557


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Its wierd cos the bloke who usually writes up the soundscan report is all over any interscope release cos he works for them, but hatin will? seems strange. i dont kno why will gets so much hate 4 no reason, success i guess

:werd: Let them hate! Will is going platinum with this one!

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112 had an album out? :speechless: How did that get ranked ahead of "Lost and Found" 'cause I didn't hear nothin' about their promotion and Will's been everywhere, he's the only one to perform on TRL, 106&Park, Today Show, and Jay Leno so why couldn't it go #1? I guess nobody watches TV anymore. :toetap: btw, I did hear about Faith Evans having an album, where did that rank?

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I think The Roots are the most original group in hip-hop, they bring a diff. flava to hip-hop just like the Fuggees but they respect what JJFP has done, Questlove always gives them props, but Beanie Siegal is just another Biggie wannabe just like his boy Jay-Z but at least Jay-Z put out one classic album and Beanie's work has been average at best.

Edited by bigted
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hmmmmmmm that sucks for me.......but i think after the other single will be released it will be better

ohhhhhhh man,one of six buyer of the games album bought lost and found

the documentary first week 600,000 copies

Yeah, so it is! People don't know real music... I mean opinions are different, u can't say anything about that but 50 and them, come on tell me is that real music what they do? Nah I don't think so... :mad8:

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