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Lost and Found sales update

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latest sales update with 93% in

5) Will Smith -Lost and Found: 98,778 copies sold so far.

Looks like it could get 100,000! let's hope so

it also moved up ahead of "That's what i call music vol 18."

The chart is so far like this

1) 50Cent- the massacre

2) Beck-Guero

3) Beanie Siegel-the B Coming

4) 112-Pleasure and Pain

5) Will Smith-Lost and Found

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wills never gonna do those numbers unless he starts robbin a bank and getting shot at i think.. but born to reign debuted at 13..and quickly dropped out(had no hit singles) lost and found has debuted at 5.. has switch currently at 19 and rising after 5 weeks..things are looking good!

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Yeah, Lost and Found looks like it's in good position to do very strongly. Can't wait for "Tell Me Why" to debut. That should really bolster sales. :toetap:

Definatly. That track released as a single will be such a vital move for album sales. I'm happy though because it topped that predicted 80K in its first week. Looking really good for Will though.

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Yeah I'm happy that he entered at # 5! Looks good! Keep in mind that Big Willie Style didn't have good sales when it dropped and it went on to go 8 times platinum...so it will keep selling when the second single drops!

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