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Which Celeb?

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Now I would like to see Will with this actors and actresses

Will Smith and Queen Latifah (I think it would be cool if they did a record together/ comedy)

Will Smith and Halle Barry(Drama film I think it would be great if the work together )

Will Smith and LL Cool J or Mos Def (Now I think this would be cool if they did a record 2) In case ya'll didn't know Mos Def is coming out in a film called "The Hicthhikers Guide to the Universe" comedy film)

Will Smith and Denzel Washington(This would be a great drama film if they were to star together)

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:music: I agree I think that will and jada should do a movie together. After all she did try out for the part of hillary on the fresh prince of bel air but didn't get the part. who would have known that she would someday marry the star of the show. they are a cute couple and should do a movie. I guess that's y they created the show "All Of Us"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I do think Will and The Rock would make an interesting collab on screen. Another mix of comedy and action is always welcome. Have to be a good story tho

Right now tho lets enjoy his music :dancingcool:

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Which celeb do you think Will should so a movie with? I say Dwayne'The Rock' Johnson..Cause both of them on screen together *fans self* Whoo! That'll be one hell of a combo..Tell me what you guys think

:scared2: EXACTLY MAN!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooohhhhhhwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee just when I imagine I go crazy!!!!!!! I really like Dwayne, he is so great!!!!!!!! That'd be awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!! :scared2: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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