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Album with best intro

Which of Will's albums do you think had the best intro?  

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  1. 1. Which of Will's albums do you think had the best intro?

    • Big Willie Style (Intro)
    • Willennium (I'm Comin')
    • Born To Reign (Born To Reign)
    • Lost & Found (Here He Comes)

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id have to say btr is the best intro..its really deep and he says a lot of powerful things..and the beat is sikk. but im comin is definetly 2nd...not really feelin the whole here he comes..its a hot track but not as hot of an intro..in my personal opinion.

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'I'm coming' is what I screamed

As a teen armed with discipline, faith and a dream

And after the smoke clears, after life's rollercoasters

See who stands putting his mic into his holster! What!


Beat thick, reminiscent of a pot of jelly

I'm like a cheetah hunting, out on the Serengeti

I got x-ray vision though all in my way

No plan B, it distracts from plan A


So from CD to TV to movies back to rhymin'

My life stats make Jordan's 6 rings seem common

Ya'll hate, I retaliate just by being great

Big Will the enemy of your mental state

I could quote the whole thing, but I think I've already provided my answer.

I had to edit this thing. Don't believe I forgot to put my favorite one.

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"I'm Comin" is simply the best track. Its a good-length track and Will is just spittin straight fire. The rest are good to "Born to Reign" is powerful while "Here He Comes" is decent but I dont think you can count that "intro" on BWS as the intro. You should really count "Y'all Know" as the intro to Big Willie Style. That track is so hott!

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Without a doubt it has to be I'm Comin'!!!

The energy is just amazing and lyrically it's so captivating...(woah...that was a really big word for me to use lol)

Yeah, I agree wit u... "I'm Comin" is really hot... but I don't know what captivating means... I'll check it! :sonny: ...ah, ok... got it! ^^

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