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Catch Will On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Tuesday, April 5th

on NBC.

source: willsmith.com

Wow, great thnx ,will's gonna perform a lot these weeks :thumb:

I hope to god he'll sing other songs then summertime and switch,

I mean i like those songs but come on, it's gettin crazy,

let's play some I wish I made that and or Mr. Nice guy :wiggle:

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cool thanx, i think i can get Jay over here, now i just gotta remmember which channel its on out of about 200 lol.

i know it used to be on Ftn...but i dunno if it still is.

I think i can get it on an Italian channel but still in English with Italian subtitles.

If not, i think we'll be relying on MaxFly!!!!! :wiggle:

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its on just a few hours later here in australia :thumb: great to see switch live again by Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince!! wow whens the last time we saw so many JJFP performances on shows? 15 years ago..

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So is there gonna be any more performances comin' up? It's important that FP keeps on promoting this album, I hope that he's preparing for a tour.

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I hope he comes to promote his album in Germany as well... I'd like to see him at my favourite german TV show again! It's called "TV Total"... that would be funny! Many big stars come to this show when they are in Germany, could be a good promotion!

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