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Frenetic's thoughts:


It has now leaked. Nobody will or is allowed to share it on this board.

I won't, so i see no idea in closing the thread.

It doesn't make me a less fan if i DL it. Cuz i don't share it. And i'm gonna buy it too..

So now that that is over...


1. Here he comes - Dope beat! Jazzy produced? Jazzy cuts, sick flow! Dope hard beat! wonderful song! A Intro song.. just over 2 minutes long.

2. Party Starter - Wooow! If this ain't a hit my name is Janet Jackson.. Crazy Beat! over 40 minutes long. Cool party rhymes, ludacris is dope on the producing! Will's flow is hard ass hell!

3. Switch - The Albums weakest track.

4. Mr Nice Guy - Sounds really friendly... But this is hilarious. He breaks the haters down in pieces! The beat is really cool. And his flow is sick! Really a show of rap skills.

5. Mr. Holy Roller - Different kinda beat. Cool drums. Really cool chorus! The lyrics is wonderful! Spittin Knowledge!

6. Lost And Found - A diss to the whole rapscene! Maybe the best Will Smith Song ever in my opinion! This is Hiphop! cuts by jazz!

7. Tell me Why - Like jadakiss - why. But alot better. Mary brings this to a high level. Will is deliviring! Summertime? No... this is almost better. The beat is really cool.

8. I Wish I Made That - Another song about his career. Hard beat. Very Hiphop. Just like the rest of the Album.. You'll like this AJ!

9. Pump ya Breaks - Snoop is dropping it hot! Really dope song! Cool collabo!

10. If you can't dance - About the fellas that don't really dance at clubs.. about those who stand at the side chillin.. this song is making the dance.. The beat is ait... but not really essential. He could have skipped this... or skipped switch.

11. Could you love me - guitarr song. Big willie style kind of song! Love song!

12. Loretta - Another serious song, i don't know...it could be a jazzy track... there is some cool cuts on it.. Storytellign at it's best!

13. Wave em off - hahahah! coool beat! U gotta hear this!

14. Scary story - Serioud storytelling.. .about a yougn boy.

15. Switch RNB REMIX - you've heard this..

16. Hidden track - The Reggae mix of switch!

THIS IS HIPHOP!... it's almost only raw flow on raw beats... cool melodys.. knowledge... Like the rain, no more and so on!

I'll come back later!


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Nice, simple review. Answers some ?uestions, but will still keep us who don't wanna hear the leak guessing what's 2 come.

Thanx 4 the shout Frenetic!! I can't wait 2 hear "I Wish I Made That" now!!

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My Lost & Found Thoughts

1. Here He Comes - Remember that freestyle on Tim Westwood awhile back? well that wasnt a freestyle unfortunatly. It's pretty much the whole track lyrics. Its about 2 and a half minutes long and the Spiderman theme is alright but it does help set the tone of the album. Jeff scratches on this.

2. Party Starter - A while back, Tim said "Switch" was an anthem. Well this is bigger. This is the type of song to blast in arenas. It's so good. Not typical party song lyrics either. He's explaining the journey through the game. Awesome. This has got to be a single. It's that damn great.

3. Switch - Typical party song. We all heard this. Still really good but clearly the weakest song on the entire album.

4. Mr. Nice Guy - A bangin beat with battle type lyrics and sugarcoated in fresh prince humor. Hence the beginning "how ya doin, good to see ya". Its also 2 minutes and a half long but FP calls out haters...especially radio DJs such as Wendy Williams. Heres a taste of classic FP humor..

people dissin will sat on a wall/

people dissin will had a great fall/

all the kings horses and all the kings men/

couldn't put none of their careers together again/

5. Ms. Holy Roller - This could also be one of the best songs FP has ever-written. Really deep and it shouldn't offend anyone. He talks about Jesus and God, the Bible and all of that. Pretty nice.


ms. holy roller new angel/

get ya bible out shoutin and you ringin a bell/

in life reborn and cant wait to tell/

if i dont believe what you believe im goin to hell/

6. Lost & Found - The prodigical son of hip-hop is just completely going off. Taking shots at the current state of the rap game. Makes mention to LL, Rakim, Slick, Doug E. This song is the second best song on the album. Better than "Mr. Nice Guy". No one can touch FP on this track.

7. Tell Me Why - When FP said this was almost a tie for the best song he's ever written and rapped, it aint no joke. Will's emotions are so high that he even drops the F word on this. And it adds to the song. He's askin why Pac and Biggie/Martin and Malcolm left us. Deeper than "The Rain". The best song on the entire album. Mary J's vocals are absolutly beautiful.

8. I Wish I Made That/Swagga - Just wow. AJ you would definatly love this. I wish I woulda made that "lean back" i wish i woulda made the girls "drop it like itz hot" then "summer summer time!"...its hard to describe but its awesome. Then halfway the song switches to "Swagga" which is kinda like a follow-up to "Uuhhh". Its really good though.

9. Pump Ya Brakes - Snoop Dogg, Big Will, Jazzy Jeff on the wheels of steel. Another monster single to be released. Explaining how gentleman should come to a women. Really nice and not degrading women like "Candy Shop". A lesson to be learned by homeboyz of today. I love Jeff's scratching!

10. If U Cant Dance (Slide) - This could very well be the "Dumb Dancin" of 2005. For all the people who cant dance, FP calls ya all out and explains how to do a good job on the dance floor. Jeff I think is scratching of this but its also classic Fresh Prince story-telling. Really funny. Has like a 90s vibe to it as well.

11. Could U Love Me - A soul track. He's talking about the future and if you could love him if he wasnt who he was today or if he was someone different such as not "bling" or on "tv" or if he was poor. Great track.

12. Loretta - A true story about a girl named Loretta following him around and how she hates Jada and how she fell in love with the prince of bel-air and wrote a love letter to Will. Pretty deep stuff and the production reminds me of Skee-Lo tracks.

13. Wave 'Em Off - To all the haters out there, its like a "Big Willie Style" track follow-up. This track also has kinda like a 90s vibe to it. It packs energy and FP is again proving why hes ahead of the pack. Very witty.

I got bigger fish to fry/

I could prolly stand on my wallet and kiss the sky/

14. Scary Story - Story of a young man coming up in the rap game and from rags to riches. He's explaining himself coming up I guess in the game to his son in the form of a scary story. It's classic story-telling again. "Nightmare on My Street" meets "Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not a Star)" type of track. Dark production.

15. Switch r&b Remix - The epitome of SMOOTH. This remix of Switch is so laid back so nice to cruise too. FP raps a 3rd verse and shouts out to the too damn hype posse.

16. Switch Reggae Remix - The "Hidden Track" of the album. Features Elephant Man and he goes crazy. Kinda gritty and grimy but it grows on you. You have no clue what Elephant Man is saying tho haha.

FINAL THOUGHTS - There aren't enough positive verbs and adjectives in the English language to describe how good this album is. It tops "Code Red" and all other albums combined. This could go down as one of the best albums in rap history thats how serious I am. Fresh Prince shows a side of seriousness and more emotion in his writing. You can hear it in his voice, he's pouring out his soul. Still the classic story telling we all know and love along with the very clever and intelligent disses over awesome production. If this album doesn't go multi-platinum, I will be shocked. Thats how good it is.

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Yeah, i refuse 2 listen 2 the album. I've heard the entire songs or snippets of Swich, Switch (R&B Remix), Switch (Remix) feat. Elephant Man (well, 6 seconds of it), Party Starter, Pump Ya Breaks, Mr. Nice Guy, and Tell Me Why. I refuse 2 hear anymore. I've only heard 2 of them the whole way thru'...i know that the snippets aren't gonna give me more than a taste of the full track...and i wanna keep it that way. Stay strong all of u out there who wanna wait. Here's my opinions i've gotten so far from what i've heard.

SWITCH - a bangin' club track.

SWITCH (R&B REMIX) - ultra smooth, laid-back take on the track.

PUMP YA BREAKES - This is kinda like "Let's Get Busy Baby 2005." FP gives advice 2 young anxious cats. I like the sound, Jazzy's scratches, and Snoop is a surprising touch 2 the track.

PARTY STARTER - i didn't know what 2 expect, and the 1st listen didn't impress me the way it impressed others. But i now love the track.

TELL ME WHY - just a dope track. Young kids think Eminem is speaking 2 Hip-Hop America. Well, when they hear this, they'll realize all their hero are jokes. FP is the truth.

MR. NICE GUY - Catchy, funny self-boasted track. Feelin' it.

I've heard enuff. I don't need 2 hear the leak. I'm keeping it old skool and getting the album when it drops. I'm not letting the computer take away from the feeling u get when u bump and album. U can't bump and album on your computer. :hilarious:

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Guest Guest_mixenmasta.b

this album is very much hip-hop, its not as pop friendly as most of fp albums since he went more solo but this album redfines current music.

its like in the song "one day at a time" by eminem and 2pac the line goes "if he came back would he try to save rap" well i think this applies to will (fp) now i think this could save the rap game

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As a personal punishment for downloading this thing, I'll have to buy 2 or 3 copies. But I'm very happy right now. Very very very happy. Everything DevilsJim89 says is true. Wait until you guys hear "Lost and Found." The funky fresh is back in the flesh with a vengence. All the hype that surrounded this thing was insufficient. Yes! It's that good. This thing will sell. This thing will sell hard, and this thing will sell often. And not only that, but it will change things in hip-hop. It will set standards, wait for it. Stay tuned people... It's a brand new day, brand new game.

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Wow. Best FP album period. "lost and found" and "tell me why" are definite standouts, probably 2 of the best FP songs i v ever heard. "lost and found" is lyrically amazing and has a great hook while "tell me why" is probably the deepest song will's ever done.

Lets hope the good word of mouth spreads and this album gets the sales it truely deserves.

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