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LL Cool J (vs) Will Smith

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as an actor... Will over LL (easily)

as a rapper: it's a debatable one.  However, Will been gaining support from rap heads more than LL has lately.  People are all sayin LL has fallen off, and his two last solo efforts were less than great.  People are also more quick to diss LL lately and more people actually defend Will's contributions to rap.  I think right now, (and i'm not a huge fan of LL or Will's rapping (sorry guys) I have to go with Will.  He's doin it it better than LL in music too.

I think LL really has picked it up on "The Definition" though, I'll admit that "10" was kinda a soft hip-hop album, sorta like "Born To Reign" was, it'd be somethin' to chill wit ur girl or man with, it seemed odd for those 2 to release those kinda albums after aggressive albums like "The G.O.A.T." and "Willenium", it didn't really have that aggressive edge that LL has had in the past, but he sounds pretty confident on "The Definition", I think it's his best album he's released in recent years 'cause there's not too much cameos on it, his rhyme skills shine there, buy the album and you'll see for yourself, those who diss LL now simply slept on "The Definition", it didn't have the type of promotion that it deserved, what's really left for him to prove though lyrically, he's done it all as an mc it seems, he's just doin' it for the love now, but he's the only mc to stay on Def Jam for 20 years, not even Public Enemy or Slick Rick could say that but they were close, while FP's on his 3rd record label, and still has somethin' to prove 'cause if LL dropped a freestyle now it wouldn't shock everybody like they are when FP's freestylin' 'cause LL's ripped Kool Moe Dee and Cannibus in freestylin' before, was featured in many mix tapes freestylin' too, and is usually ranked in the top 10 all time mcs all the time but FP rarely gets ranked that high but should be, hopefully when FP rips Eminem(who shouldn't be ranked at all on these lists), he'll get a higher ranking on the all-time mc list.

I personally wouldn't mind if FP decided to take a couple years off of acting and LL got more shine as an actor that he deserves while FP gets the props as an mc, and gradually they both collaborate 'cause they're my 2 of my favorites, it's a coin toss to me, both of their careers are legendary, a lot of the young mcs comin' out wish they could have half the success that these guys have had.

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Even if LL gradually gets his due as an actor it won't overshadow his mc status to me, just like with FP, I think they're both better mcs than actors. I love his 1st film he did in 1985 called "Krush Groove" which is a classic hip-hop film that mostly Run-Dmc shines in about Russell Simmon's start of Def Jam. He had brief roles in a lot of other films, including "Woo" with Jada, and "Any Given Sunday" with Jamie Foxx which he did a good job in, "S.W.A.T." with Samuel L. Jackson, and he co-starred with Garbrielle Union in "Deliver Us From Eva" to name a few, I think he could take his acting to the next level if he chose to, definately more than what Ludacris, Eminem, or Nelly could do 'cause they resemble lil' acting ability in the films they appearing in, they just do it for the money, not the art. There's no question that "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" is miles ahead of "In The House" though.

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