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yess!! i was just about to post this... so all you radio stations out there who arent playing switch..get with the people!!! #10 wow :wiggle: now its on the front page of itunes i think it can get into the top 5 atleast :multibow:

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also its no. 2 in the top 10 Hip Hop/Rap songs and look at the top 10

1. 50 cent - candy shop

2. will smith - switch

3. 50 cent - disco inferno

4. eminem - mockingbird

5. the game - how we do

6. trick daddy - sugar

7. akon - lonely

8. 50 cent - hate it or love it

9. nelly - over & over

10. the game - hate it or love it

the facts will is up there with all those artists brings a smile to my face :peace: so people in charge of radio stations wont put switch on their playlists..mtv wont play the video much.. they dont have singles anymore in the US so the only way people can determine if the songs a hit or not is the downloads.. now itunes makes up 70% of the download market..and the fact that switch is in the top 10 makes me think Lost and Found is gonna do well..because radio programmers cant determine its chart position like they are doin with switch! :nono:

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Excellen news!

"You don't see my name? You don't see my spot?

Here's a hint, look closer to the top!"

lol :cwm:

Can't wait to see where Will gets in the UK singles chart, its still an important chart to do well in.

Will let you know

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AAAAWWWW, yeah thats great!!!! a few ppl from my schoolclass are in italy right now and they bought me the Switch single!!! can't wait to see them back here in germany on sunday :thumb: :thumb:

German radio/tv station don't play switch :sad6:

and i can't buy it nowhere.

JJFP Rock The House

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hahahahah awesome man!!!!! I think more people are on Itunes then listenin to crap on the radio!

:werd: This a great that the single's doing so well without radio play, which shows that radio doesn't dominate as much as they claim to do. :wiggle:

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It may seem like its a bigger hit online but its still gaining more and more airplay...my sister listens to the radio alot and says she is hearing it more and more which is a great sign. Screw MTV - they are crap. FP's album can still go multiplatinum without them.

I still think though that "Switch" is just a small "quake" compared to whats gonna come. "Party Starter" and "Pump Ya Brakes" will erupt and the album will go through the roof. These hits are just itching to be released as singles. Just wait...I can totally feel it. Real rap singles and not some Disco track sampled/pop-sounding/movie soundtrack song...real rap music. Not saying FP didnt have it in the last 3 albums, but they just werent enough. Y'all know what I mean.

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