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biters biters biters!

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yeah i cant make this sit official tho cause of copyright issues id have to get rid of half the siteĀ  :whistle:

hah really...whats copyrighted? If you gave it to JJFP, they would just own everything...lol.

They do own everything good here in life...

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damn man this site has gotten bitten so hard lately..peoples idea of breaking Will news..visit this site..copy material in site, paste material with no link or reference to this site.. visit this site write article based on this site publish article with no reference to site or source material..man its happened so much its really startin to get to meĀ  all i ask is for a little credit..because that means more people would visit the site which means building a bigger community of will smith fans!

oh god, you are so right...

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It's one of those things that i don't think u can expect 2 change. People are gonna steal stuff from the internet i don't see see a way of stopping that. Look at it this way...the reason this site waz created was to get news out there 2 the fans. Not ever JJ+FP fan has the internet and visists this site...so by places stealing news from this site, they are getting it out 2 the people who need 2 hear the news the most. After all, some of the non-music news right now is nothing but tabloid stuff. It's better they jack the music news from here than blow up the negative tabloid press he's gotten.

Anyways, the news waz stolen from other sites b4 it waz posted here.

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Guest guest_hero1

well some stuff ive come up with myself or my own sources..other stuff i use i will credit a source..as i said i want people to take news from this site i just want them to credit.. when people like MTV bite the site :ali: i mean come on they supposed to be a reputable source..some fool is getting paid to write articles cite your sources bitch! :nono:

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