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Will's interview with big Boy


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I don't know :confused: if some of you have heard this interview i am about to post : , if u haven't here it this is your chance.
big will was been interviewed by Big Boy of power 106 FM
HERE IS THE LINK: [url="http://www.power106.fm/bigboy/hatwillsmith.aspx"]http://www.power106.fm/bigboy/hatwillsmith.aspx[/url]
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Thanks man, that was a hot interview! I'm live at the 'Jersey shore so I don't listen to Power 106, since that's a radio station out in Cali, but I'm able to listen to Power 105.1 FM, which is a NY hip-hop radio station.
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Whoa!! Gritty interview. I think Will handled it well tho.' There's some funny stuff in there!! Thanx 4 posting that.

That interview isn't from 1999 tho'. Wild Wild West would have just come out. Will also uses the slang "the truth" which he didn't use until 2001/2002. On top of that, when he's asked about "the Eminem comment" he says "at first..." which means the song would have had 2 be out 4 a lil' bit and that didn't come out til early 2000.
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it came out around the time Ali came out into the theaters. I live in Cali so i listen to power 106. I also don't think Will was nervous. Him and Big Boy are friends. Will was the one who challenged big Boy to lose weight and he would give $100 to every pound Big Boy lost to any charity.
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its interesting..post Ali will was dissing all his records boom! i think i can beat mike tyson girls etc... i guess he was coming off a very serious movie with Ali and at the time he was thinking he wanted to do something more than just being an entertainer... but say abt 6 months later will realized what he can do and the power he has in making people laugh etc..and was more happy with what he was doing... i would say if you asked will about boom today he would give it props because it brought rap all around the world... plus i dont like him dissin it..i mean if he was gonna diss boom he should be dissing black suits comin will2k freakin it and half of big willie style! :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:
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I don't think he waz nervous at all...he handled it well. He answered them the way u answer those kinda ?uestions. I don't think "Boom!..." is a wack track...but i know what he means. Comparing "Boom!..." 2 alot of his other trax, i think most of them are better than "Boom!..."
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