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best b-side


whats the best jjfp/will smith b-side?  

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  1. 1. whats the best jjfp/will smith b-side?

    • dont fight the feeling
    • holla back
    • get hyped
    • from da south
    • higher baby
    • dance or die
    • family christmas
    • lovely daze
    • nothin on my mind
    • new kids on the block

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That's really tough but i went with "Holla Back" simply cuz it reminds me of something i would write. From Da South, Get Hyped, New Kids On The Block, Don't Fight The Feeling, and Lovely Days (the remixes) are all just really really good.
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Has to be Holla Back, what an ace Will Smith song. Guess i was lucky being in the UK and picking that up as soon as it was released, gotta be about 4 years ago now. Time goes too fast

I also think From Da South was an ace song

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Da best one I know (but I just know a few, u know) is da b-side of Jazzy's groove: Grovers groove feat. Grover Washington Jr. ... incredible- one of my top 5 JJFP trackz at da moment

Peace and one love

Fresh Stecki :dancingcool:
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from what ive heard uncle phil the tracks are either on singles or on rare CDs. For example ive only heard "holla back" which can be found on the freakin single, "Lovely daze" which is on jjfps greatest hits and "dont fight the feeling" which is really really rare and i think its on a Japanese version of the jjfps greatest hits.

I have no idea where the rest of them can be found, but i would sure like 2 know. (hint hint) :cheesygrin:
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dont fight the feeling - rare Japan release of JJ+FP Greatest Hits 1998/1993ish
holla back - Freakin' It import CD single 2000
get hyped - I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) single 1993
from da south - Boom! Shake The Room single 1993
higher baby - Barcelona Gold compilation album 1992
dance or die - Made In America soundtrack 1993
family christmas - Black Christmas + Avex The Album (rare Japan import) song from 1989, but those albums containing it came out in 1998ish
lovely daze - various version of JJ+FP Greatest Hits 1998/1993ish
nothin on my mind - Born To Reign special edition, import 2002
new kids on the block - Word 2 jive compilation album 1988 (song from 1987)
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