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Waitin 4 My Phone 2 Ring


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Hey wassup ya'll, bin a long time since i posted since some lyrics, so feedback is cool!!!!

I Guess i got the ideas of this song from FP's "No More"


Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Im Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Im Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

do you believe in love at first site

cause you hit me and hit me just rite

i know im not around alot to see you

but girl i jus wana be wit you

you saw me wit another chick n u aint speakin

shes just a friend, we werent freakin

that would never happen (thats what you sed about rappin)

aww come on girl pick up the fone

let me listen to your sweetest tone

im sittin by my fone waitin it to make a sound

i dont deserve to be shot down to the ground

i didnt do a thing wrong, feel my song boo

you dont remember the midnight fone calls rendevous

sayin why dont you come at my house for 2

we used to sneak in and sneak out so our parents wont find out

but if they did you know they would give me such a shout

but that was a risk i was willing to take

i dont want my girl givin me another heart to ache

i dont like doing this do you see me grinning

it all started at the begining, you thought u was winning

we would run through the mall, it was in the middle of fall

when i asked for your number for me to call

you know my number so why dont you ring?

im just waitin 4 my fone 2 ring,

Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Im Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Im Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

its been 6 days and im bassicly dying

aint no room for commitment, no more lying

girl u want me u gotta be honest so when i ask

whats the beef about talk to me and dont pass

i love you too much for you to s**t this up

we dont have 2 c eachother, we can just say sup

i jus wana have the chance to hold you again

let me keep you warm in the cold again

you loved the song i wrote a beautiful baby

well that song was also to a beautiful lady

i heard your man got class

well you know he sees me i aint gonna whoop his ass

imma do the unexpected of me and be a friend

jus to see you n him rapped in eachothers arms to the end

knowin one day ill be here, your shoulder to cry on

this is 100% truth no fake and im no con

im stuck in a traffic jam and im all alone

im in my hummer, looking at my fone

wonderin if it will ever ring? i know it aint a thing

jus wana talk to u and im waitin 4 my fone 2 ring

Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Im Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

Im Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

some call me stupid for not calling

but its her fault i even started falling

but my fone rang i wasnt there

u may think that i dont care

i heard your fonin me more sayin ur man left n u need advice

you once said make me freeze so i gave you ice

diamonds in the back made you whack

i aint spoken 2 u in about a month, its makin me crazy

i cant go this long without speaking to my baby

(ring ring) its not you, i dont want this s**t to be true

everytime i ring your busy, everytime u do im not in

my life is like a huge bin

my s**t dont get recycled, its such a crap game

cant keep up with the feelings of my rap name

come towards me baby boo and let me show you

what it feels like to be in the arms of a true player

im a player slash rapper slash actor, bactor winner

girl crumble the weed thinner and let me roll

going up towards state lines, let me pay the toll

so picture be without any bling

i just had to wait 4 my fone 2 ring, haha

No Longer Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

No Longer Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

No Longer Waitin 4 My Fone 2 Ring

(repeat till end)

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The song's pretty good, ur gettin' better.

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