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Switch out This Week!


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Will Smith is "leaking" his new single to radio in the States this week. The song is titled "Switch," and it's off his forthcoming album "Lost and Found", which should be released the first week of April. Why leak it? Smith says, "You got to hit them when they don't know what's comin'". We caught up with him in Hawaii, where he was promoting his new film "Hitch", which also stars Eva Mendes and Kevin James. He told us that this album is "a real departure for him," and it features tracks with Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige. In other Smith news… he and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, grace the cover of the February issue of Essence magazine. Inside the couple talk about how they keep the fire in their relationship.

Source: http://www.mtve.com/article.php?ArticleId=5328

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Yes the wait is over! :clap: i'm gonna check hot 97 this week and see if they play it! :dj: I've been waiting years for a Snoop/FP collabo, that should be hot! :switch:

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Dope News Tim!!!! :bowdown:

But Snoop Dogg!!!??? :sad6:

I thought it shall be an oldskool album and not "rhythm & gangsta" stuff.

I know what all the ppl will yell out "Wannabe Gansta!" :sad6:

This wont be a classic JJFP Album, thats for sure...

I hope Switch will be dope! :dj:

thats all i have to say, i hope i won't be dissapointed.

JJFP Rocks The House

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And wack rappers will start to diss him. its so f***ed up man :sad6:

Aww man, i don't want to hear all the **** which'll come towards me about Will.

Maybe the kids will think that he's a real gangsta :dunno: and changed his image...

i just don't know what so say. i'm so shocked that i can't speak english anymore... :sad6:

JJFP Rocks The House

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don't worry, Will isn't gona let us down, he'll never try and be someone he isn't he's just experimeting, and we know Jeff is involved so this is what we are waiting for still. Good news if you ask me

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Its gonna be ace whatever we read. It may just take some of us a few listens to get used to the possible difference, we know Wills not gonna come out with an album about gun crime and bit**es, cos thats never been him. But what i do expect is an album he's took time over and something that will grow on us in time possibly more than any of his other albums have done before. In a deeper sense.

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