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favorite jazz scene


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lol i love the one where Jazz wants Will to date his sister, Janet and they do the whole

"it could jeapordise our friendship"

"i'm willing to take that risk!" ...classic!! :hilarious: :lolsign:

i also love it when Jewel can't get pregnant and Jeff says "my little soldiers ain't marchin!!" :roll:

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There was the time Will and Jeff were on a gameshow and were beating the crap out of each other in the sound proof booth until Jazz hurt his eye and then they made up. A Kodak moment.

That was one of my favorite Jazz scenes but my #1 episode is when Will hired Jazz to be a fake priest to marry Will and Kim Fields so Will could have sex with her that night. That was a hilarious episode. My favorite line is when Jeff says, "I've never known the pleasures of the flesh but I'd be convinced to give up the priesthood for you."


damn man they've never shown that episode in australia..sounds hilarious..what series was it in?

it's from season 3, episode 66 "The Best Laid Plans"

lol this reply is nearly a year after you orignally asked the question! :kekeke:

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:kekeke: this is so hard to respond to

but one of my faves is when Hillary's trying to get the doctor to notice her and she's like "He doesn't even know i'm alive" and Jazz goes, "If he doesn't know whether or not somebody's alive; he's in the wrong damn business!"


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it was the episode where Will needs someone to be Rapheal Da la Ghetto so he asks Jazz to hire someone.

Will - " I just need someone to stand up and read some poetry"

Jazz - " He needs to be able to read?!?"

:hilarious: :roll: :hilarious: :roll:

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I love the episode where malcom jamal warner from the cosdy show was hilary's boyfriend who was becoming a laywer(i cant remember what his character's name was)

MJW:I'll see you in court

Jazz: WE got a hoop and a ball right outside lets do this now Sucka

and also from the episode when jazz is on trial

Uncle Phil(I Think): Jazz you can put your hands down

Jazz: No this dudes got a gun i put my hands down next thing you know i have six warning shots in my back :kekeke:

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