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Guest lambertj3

i would have to disagree he has the skills and songs to go with the beats he's brought the west back, and yes white kids make hip hop only part of what it is but blacks do the other part, and hero 1 i see your and bigteds point we maynot always agree but i see your point loved the way mfu23 broke it down

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I bring up this point that Chuck D made in November's terrordome about how rappers that are showing bad examples are getting all the glory:

"DRE who i've known for years is a nice guy who has co signed so much niggitive on the black race, how can he not expect that karma to somehow circle around? Theres never peace if you never loved it from jump. And we can't blame SUGE for everything can we? What was going around in YOUNG BUCKs mind stabbing a cat in front of national cameras? Being that hes signed from 50, whos from EMINEM ,whos from DRE, shouldnt head whiteman JIMMY IOVINE train these people since he stands to profit whether the artist is dead, alive, jailed, or roaming in the so called streets? iles... I've commented on the SHYNe debacle of someone who gets a bidding war and a fat contract while doing time as if he absorbed Millennium Robert Johnson twisted blessings. Beenie Siegal does 5 videos on his way in, to keep the streets hot so he can be celebrated when he gets out. 1.8 million folks in jail, but should the have nots support rappers or celebrities that do short bids, when many dont have the opportunity or clarity to see it for what it is? Like who gives a f*ck really....? The entourages become bigger as times become harder, cats show off their excesses more, and bodyguard security gets more massive. Cats are saying all the worst sh*t about each other in the press, tv, magazines, recordings, while never doing eye to eye anything because theyre buffered by their well paid personal armies. You will never see JA RULE, 50,or JD in your local supermarket picking up some milk for the family, yet they supposed to represent the increasing havenots, while showing off what they got?"

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Guest lambertj3

Dr Dre, Just Blaze, kanye West, Mark batson, Mike Elizondo. Just to name a few.

And, If you hate G-unit, and hate him, just for the sol fact that he signed with them, Ok, but He's still pretty damn good MC.


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