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What Are You Listening To? II

Da Brakes

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Guest lambertj3

aj when did i say they were the best thing since sliced bread your a fool if you think i said that i just believe they are tight and like i said you dont speak for everyone outside this board so stop sounding like an idiot. and fan4ever its funny whow you try to force your opinion on others evryone this is YOUR OPINION. wow aj i thought you were smarter than that guess i was wrong

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Guest lambertj3

brandy - sitting in my room

oh and by the way fan4ever i was already the bigger man when me and kbfprince put a stop to this but instead you and aj had to continue with your comments so bigger man please

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From the way it looks Lambert3, u just carried it on now.

All of U, just give it a rest.


Thanx Lambert3 for proving my point that you ARE a attention whore by starting about this again!!! I'M DONE WITH YOU!!!

Listening 2: LL Cool J- Move Something

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