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Which JJFP Song should I take?


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Hi JJFP Fans!

My teacher told me today to choose one JJFP Track to present in front of the class. I shall tell something about the lyrics and in general about JJFP. Who they are, where they're from,...

But I don't know which song I should take to play and present in front of my class (in school) :dunno:

Maybe U guys could help me or give some tips... :touche:

JJFP Rocks The House

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Well, it depends on what u are trying 2 get across. If u wanna talk about comedy and story-telling type lyrics, there's trax like Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble, Parents Just Don't Understand, Nightmare On My Street, I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson, The Girlie Had A Mustache, Everything That Glitters, Who Stole My Car, U Saw My Blinker, Code Red. If u wanna display their overall style, I Wanna Rock, Pump Me Up, and half of the trax on He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper. If u wanna get in2 deeper stuff, there's Shadow Dreams and The Rain.

Another thing u might wanna consider is just dubbing a simple medley covering all of their styles.

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The Rain is a really good song to talk about.

And it's easy (for german people) to understand what it says.

But I also could take I'm just kickin' it or Shadow Dreams.

The 80s stuff is too hard to understand for people who've never heard the songs, cause Will is rapping a lot faster than in his 90's stuff.

The problem is that all songs of JJFP are good.

JJFP Rocks The House

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i dont want to get any argument on this You have to bring in I T hink I Can Beat Mike Tyson and talk about how Mike Tyson was popular at the time and when FP added Mike Tyson to his funny lyrics appealed to the fans and sold many records.(GREAT THINKING PRINCE :clap: ) anybody got a better idea than that?

(I guess u could bring in PJDU and talk abhout kids against their parents or GANBT and talk about girls being trouble or w/e i just think ITICBMT would be the best in this)

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