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Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?


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It looks like part of this will be over with soon. 


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 APRIL 7, 2022

Will Smith will soon know his fate after his shocking slap at Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars. According to Variety, The Academy Board of Governors will meet this Friday, April 8, to come to a conclusion on punishment for the King Richard star.


The meeting was originally set for April 18, but a letter called for an early session.

“I am calling a board meeting for this Friday morning, April 8, at 9:00 a.m. PT, rather than the previously scheduled April 18 meeting, to address possible sanctions for Will Smith in response to his actions during the Oscars broadcast on March 27,” the letter from Academy president David Rubin reads.

“Following Mr. Smith’s resignation of his Academy membership on Friday, April 1, suspension or expulsion are no longer a possibility, and the legally prescribed timetable no longer applies. It is in the best interest of all involved for this to be handled in a timely fashion.”

You can see the full letter here.

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It will be in everyone’s best interest to get this over with. After they make their decision it will be in the media for like a week. After that I hope the media will move on to something else.

I wonder what they will decide. Maybe take away his Oscar?

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Yoooo, this article is actually quite sad.  It's the opinion of comedian Earthquake.  It makes you think.  I don't recall any actions from Jada in the past decade that I'd translate to real love and affection. If anyone should be mad at Will, it should be comedians, but Earthquake is showing nothing but love for Will and seems to be talking a lot of sense. 




Comedian Earthquake Says Jada Pinkett Doesn’t Love Will Smith, Has Done Nothing To Protect Him And Only Embarrasses Him

Comedian Earthquake has also shared his two cents on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars and according to him, Will Smith loves Jada but she, on the other hand, doesn’t love him. That’s sad!
Earthquake says Jada Pinkett should have stopped Will Smith from walking up the stage to slap Chris Rock for joking about a woman who doesn’t love him as he does via Yahoo Entertainment;

“Personally, I feel sorry for Will ’cause you know he’s being beaten and abused by Jada–just saying. That’s what happens when a man loves a woman who doesn’t love him, and he’s doing everything to try and make sure that … try to win her love,” the 58-year-old star began.

“I’ve been there before,” Earthquake admitted. He continued, “You have to make a decision. Either accept it for the love she giving and just accept that or just leave it alone, but you will never ever ever win her over c’ause you can’t make her heart feel what it don’t — and she don’t. And her actions that night showed it, and I feel for him.”

When asked to elaborate, the funnyman stated that even if the “Gemini” star felt Rock disrespected his wife, the actress still had a duty. “She knows her man, and she saw he was about to go up here. A woman that loves you would stop you,” he said. “And then we do radio, we know the rules of FCC, and it was at the Oscars. Will doesn’t even cuss, and he out here using profanity on a live broadcast. He knows Hollywood; he knows the rules.”

Earthquake said Pinkett Smith had a few opportunities to defuse the situation but chose against it. He also noted that she has still yet to defend her man — although she released an Instagram statement about healing.

“She didn’t try and stop him, on there, on two occasions, and then lastly, man, she has yet to release the statement to say, ‘Hey man, my man is a good man; he lost his cool. It’s not indicative of who he is. He got over three decades of good work towards the people he never had that, he lost his cool, ain’t nothing, no,’ ” he said.

He continued, “She should protect her man. What he did was protecting her. A woman would come out and vouch for you, that that’s not you, that is not him. It’s just a natural — in my humble opinion — a natural reaction for a woman who sees a significance of what he did and what it’s gonna cost him if he was doing it for you.”

It is hard to find any lies in what Earthquake is saying.

Can you find any?

Flip to the next page to watch the interview where he tells Smith he needs to either move on or accept Jada for who she is.


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What is it with Chris Rock saying he won't speak about the slap until he gets payed? Has he sued for assault? Is he expecting a settlement? Is he joking?

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