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Get Lit

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I tried to post about this yesterday but the board was temporarily down at the time.  I was scrolling social media yesterday morning and was surprised to see it released. It wasn't even mentioned in the Amazon music/digital download newsletter I got. I quickly bought it. I do like hearing the studio version because I can hear all of the lyrics clearly. I've only listened to it on my computer though, so I can't wait to pump it on my car stereo.  For not having a proper photo shoot for it, the cover is simple, but kinda cool.

Like everyone else, I love the lyrics and subject matter, but would love to hear a Hip-Hop version. The EDM sound is okay for what it is, but I always feel that it takes away from the lyrics and meaning of the song. Nobody listens to a dance song and says "that was deep." I'd love to hear a reggae/Hip-Hop version with Jazzy's cuts on it.

I saw that the song is under Westbrook, so I'm assuming that's Will's independent label (a play off of Overbrook?) and that he officially cut ties with Interscope.  Hopefully the success snowballs, but at the same time, after "Get Lit" and the "Fiesta" remix, I really don't want an all-dance record.

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Good thinking with the reviews. I'll get on it. 

I was thinking about an album sound too AJ. As much as I do enjoy the song and it is nice to have something different. I wouldn't want a whole album to be like that. 

Im also hoping if Will has an album recorded that this isn't the best song. Hopefully he's just released this because it could be popular and sound ok on radio.

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with my energy focused on getting JJFP in the hall of fame getting another hit song leading to a classic album would certainly help the cause, hopefully this is the worst song like Switch on L&F or Freakin It on Willenium

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5 hours ago, JumpinJack AJ said:

I get the impression that if he released a single, he has an album well into formation. I actually rather have this track just being a bonus track to an all Hip-Hop album.

After bomba fiesta, call in the wild and get lit I have a feeling there are no rap tracks in the 30 tracks he has recorded. He is doing a lot of experimental stuff. I’m feening for a proper rap track and 3 rap verses because I’m interested in what Will has to say these days.

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