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Will gets on mic for impromptu rap at Wyclef Jean gig in Dubai


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Dubai clearly has a new admirer – with Will Smith stopping by the emirate for the second time in less than a month.
The Hollywood superstar made a surprise appearance at VIP Room on Thursday night (February 30).
Hosting a table near the stage, Smith grabbed the mic midway through headline guest Wyclef Jean's performance, beatboxing from the wings before breaking out into a freestyle rap.
Members of Smith’s entourage were also spotted at the gig, and Jean announced he was hosting an after-party in his hotel room – with Smith clearly invited.
A day earlier Smith was spotted boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Dubai, with celebrity sons Jaden and Trey in turn.
It’s the second time the 45-year-old has visited these parts in recent weeks. The Fresh Prince pulled a similar stunt on New Year’s Eve, leaping on the mic at Barasti midway through his former sparring partner Jazzy Jeff’s DJ set.
Smith then stuck around in the UAE for close to a week, celebrating close friend Tyrese Gibson’s 35th birthday in the emirates, and jumping out of a plane with Maxwell at SkyDive Dubai.
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Thanks for posting hopefully we get a will n wyclef collaboration

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Yeah Will should switch it up and do something else, he should do something like "From Da South" or "Brand New Funk"

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I love it. It seems like he's tighter with a lot of people in the music industry now a days. He just seems like he's staying occupied between albums.

On a separate note, aren't I remembering that between Big Willie Style and Willennium, he collaborated with Wyclef? The song just never got released.

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Will did a collaboration with Wyclef Jean in the '90s? Like I said over and over there should be an unreleased album or mixtape of songs Will/JJFP did over the years!

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