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  1. Will be at the shows in Düsseldorf (20.04.) and Bielefeld (09.05)!
  2. Thanks Kevfantastic! Haha great news, and that will be a damn great week. My Birthday and Jazzy Jeff in my hometown. Could it be better? :clap:
  3. On facebook there was a poster of a show in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 20th of April. Is that correct?
  4. Listening to a big track made by DJ Tomekk (German), Jazzy and Grandmaster Flash: FROM NEW YORK TO GERMANY! Song starts at 1:35
  5. FPoBA classic: Sugarhill Gang with Apache. JUMP ON IT! Everytime I listen to this song I have to do the fitting dance. May someone can tell me how I put a youtube video directly in here? I don't get it. //Edit: Funny story but the video was in this post after i asked for help. Crazy internet!
  6. I think I keep trying to write in English for the whole JJFP-board. Thank your for the welcome! That interview with Raab was shortly before the FP visited "Wetten Dass..?" (one of the biggest shows in germany) with JJ and a great dance performance. I even found this on youtube!
  7. Why the hell do I don't live in Dubai? Second time this year... Keeps my dream of new songs alive.
  8. Ahh yes, of course you're right! May 9th is the date.. I will drive about 2 hours to this concert (and 2 hours back after it), but I'm shure it will be worth it. Furthermore good to see I am not the only one holding up the JJFP flag here in Germany!
  9. I´m planning to go to Jeff´s show in Bielefeld, Germany on the 9th of March this year. Anyone else too? I´d love o take a photo with him!
  10. THIS was my first contact to Will Smith ever and it means a lot to me! I was a young boy and watching this interview in my motherlanguage was so much fun. Furthermore after seeing this i started to watch the whole Fresh Prince episodes and the will smith movies. And thank god, i started to listen to Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince too. What Stefan Raab (the german entertainer) and the FP are doing in this video is a legendary part of german TV history :)
  11. Refering to his last sentence it is good to see, that he really did what he wanted to do.
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