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Will Smith rapping on the set of 'Focus'!


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I dont even need to click the link to know it's probably Willywood. I miss seeing the energy and excitement of 2005 Will.

That's something that i'll never get, In 2005 Will was all about the music and he was always going on and on about how much it meant to him, and that in his heart he was a rapper first but then in 2006 he says that he's not interested in doing music anymore. What happened? It just strange to me that Will had such a drastic change of heart in just 1 year

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Its a fire that's definitely within him, but he seems to be suppressing it and is more interested in Jaden/Willow's careers & movies... I just can't believe that Will doesn't have anything to say at this point.. He's got a lot of knowledge and life experience I'd love to hear what he is rapping about these days. I think his albums always give great insights into him as a person so its sad that that part of him is missing.

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