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That was such a great episode!I love how they have all the guests on together on graham norton! they never do that on the US shows.. everyone was having a great time. loved it. :viking:

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The UK is soo hyped fro this at the moment. I had a dozen txt msgs last night asking if i'd seen it. Should make a campaign to get FPOBA in the UK Charts

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Oh man people really are going crazy for this. It was all over my facebook and im not just talking about you guys, all my friends have been posting the video, Fresh prince, Will Smith, Carlton and Graham Norton were all trending on twitter and Graham Norton was still trending this morning.

This really is the best thing ive seen in ages, Will is a smart man he knows people still love the Fresh Prince, i bet that performances sells a few more tickets for After Earth!

Even if Will doesnt do music again, i think he will always treat us to little things like this.

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I've been soaking all of this in over the past 24 hours...LOL. I love it! I feel like hardly any of this had to do with After Earth.

JJ+FP 2-0-1-3, M-O-V-I-E, T-V, and C-D

That needs to be in the cover photo of Facebook group and somewhere on the message board.

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