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Will Smith and Kanye West track

Big Ben

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I hate to bust your bubble but there was a tracklist on Itunes a couple days back and it didn't have a Will song on it! This is the tracklist they had:

1. Awake With The Dark

2. New Slaves (Feat. Frank Ocean)

3. Lightning

4. Onsite (Feat. Travi$ Scott)

5. God (Interlude)

6. Chained (Feat. Jay Electronica, James Blake, & Lonne Chia)

7. Perfect

8. Boxed Out (Feat. Chief Keef, RZA & Ma$e)

9. Black Skinhead

10. The Follower

11. Hyper Critical (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)

12. In The Heavens (Feat. John Legend)

13. Demon


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that tracklist isn't finalized. Some of those aren't on the album and it's missing a few...Unfortunately nothing related to a Will Smith feature has been talked about since last night's listening party. Considering all the hype he gets just for stepping into a studio, you'd think people would be talking about this non-stop if they heard it. But that's not to say it doesn't exist....Apparently he didn't play every song at the party last night. He even wanted to hold off on the Chief Keef/Bon Iver song but they talked him into playing it...So who knows....

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I found some websites that are talking about this listening session he did....none of them says anything about a Will Smith track. Some of them say the album only has 10 songs.

Here are some links:




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A few things...and I apologize to Kanye West fans in advance...

Didn't Kanye do a track for FP for Lost + Found. Back then Kanye still made good music and we never heard that. The commercialism of Kanye's name should have had that at least leak.

I'm with Visqo...I just don't want music with Kanye + FP. Kanye's voice is annoying and sloppy. His lyrics were never great, but now they are really awful. His production used to be dope, it hasn't been (at least not consistently) for awhile. I just hate the idea of a legend like Fresh Prince sharing the song with a sloppy commercial rapper who's cussing up a storm with elementary rhymes and trash beats like "Click." By the way, did ANYONE like what they heard in that video? I didn't. Kanye does best when he caters to an artist's sound (Like he did with Common Sense's 'Be'), but he's past that point in his career.

Import track listings are weird and incorrect sometimes. Years ago I went to get the China import of Lost + Found because it had a song on it that wasn't on the traditional album and was also misspelled. Luckily I contacted the online seller and they confirmed it was a misprint ON THE ALBUM ARTWORK and that I didn't need to get it. I also have the 2 disc Born To Reign import from China. After "Nothing On My Mind" it has "Girls...," "Parents...,""Nightmare...," and "FBofBA." Disc 2 is Willennium's tracklist plus ..Two of Us," "Miami," "Jiggy...,," and "MIB." Just weird.

Lastly, I simply find it hard to believe that Kanya would have FP on his album, or that song (if it sounds anything like the video we saw." I wanna hear the songs, but I'd prefer they don't make any FP album.

By the way, that link has been updated, cutting off at track 10.

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The collabo makes no sense to me. FP isn't a "bonus track" artist. He's on the album or he isn't. I don't see that song we saw them in the studio for fitting on ANY album. At least since it's a Kanye track, there's a better chance it'll be released since FP's stuff never leaks.

Here's the final 10 track version...



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DJ Akademiks who is on twitter and has over 70,000 followers says this:

"Oh By the Way . . . Kanye Has a Song with Will Smith thats on the International Version .. Japan Bonus Track. #Yeezus"


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OMG - Kanye may be our savior after all!


Looks like Will Smithicon1.png could be gettin’ jiggy with it again as prospects of jumping back into the studio were discussed at an After Earth red carpet event.

In an interviewicon1.png for “I was very surprised on The Graham Norton Showicon1.png. The power of nostalgia is incredible. I might get back in there. [Kan]Ye has really been pushing me,” he said.

Billboard reported that the two were pictured together in a recording studioicon1.png in February. It's perfect timing as West is working on his album, Yeezus

Smith hasn't released any musicicon1.png since his last album titled Lost and Found, which did not receive rave reviews from Rolling Stone.

According to Perez Hilton, Smith and West have been working together for a collaboration, and it might just reach our ears soon.

He continued to talk about West’s push for him to get back in the studio in an interview:

"I've been messing around with Kanyeicon1.png. We went in the studio a couple times, so I might get the bug. I'm not going to do it unless I'm truly inspired, but Ye's been pushing me a little bit."

Check out the interview below:


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Does mean I'm going to have to shell out extra scrilla to buy an import version of blasphemously titled album by a garbage commercial rapper?!? Crap!! I guess we'll have to wait and see. Albums from Japan are the most expensive and always have the best bonus material. They are also the hardest to find.

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I dont know man, I'd rather shell out extra cash as opposed to continuing this 8-year drought with no music.

I guess it's because I like Kanye West musically, not personally. He's got a real creative mind but it's just behind that pompous ego of his. Yeah, the last couple of albums he put out haven't been his best but I'm always curious to see what hes got cooking.

I dont care if Will did a song with 2 Chainz, I just want to hear something NEW!

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I hear what everyone's saying. I wanna hear him on the mic badly. I'm just dreading the combination. It better be good...somehow. Kanye and 2 Chainz are awful rappers and they're are likely to be cussing up a storm. Plus, if it has a garbage beat like "Clique," I'm done.

I almost feel like hearing this song could be like saying "Yeah, I haven't had a girlfriend in 8 years, but now I do. Let's just ignore the fact that she's 700 pounds and used to be a man."

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'Clique' beat is pretty damn good! (My opinion).

I think Will is sensible with his music choices.. He hasn't had many misses in his career and I don't think we would have jumped on this track with Kanye if he wasn't 100% convinced.

There is no doubt that Kanye can be a pretty sick producer and can definitely drop a rhyme when he wants. I'm just hoping he can rekindle some of that College Dropout Inspiration for this track

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Bound 2 off of Yeezus is really good.


You seem to be pigeonholing Kanye, AJ. I can definitely see Will on a lot of the tracks Kanye's worked on lately. I understand you expect a certain sound from him but he's a lot more versatile than that. Just look at him and Gillie Da Kid. Its not about who YOU like personally, it's about who he likes and who he feels he can collab with...And from the sounds of it Kanye is someone he clicked with.

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Yeah im willing to spend a lot of money for what is potentially one verse from Will.

Im ok with Kanye, not a fan of his newer stuff so much but i liked "Paris" as its more politely known and i loved "All of the lights" so it could be good, you never know.

Im just listening to Bound 2, sounds pretty good on a first listen, its a lot more like his older stuff.

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