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I figured with the new album about 2 drop from one of Hip-Hop's legends, it'd be best to start a new topic. LL's 'Authentic Hip-Hop" drops FEBRUARY 12TH!

Here's the lyric video, which has been widely panned by fans due to it's watered down sound. I'm personally not a fan of the tired beat, weak chorus and silly female vocals. Even his rhymes come off rather weak, though I'm not completely against the topic of the song. LL's response is that the song is straight comedy.

After less than 2 weeks of "Ratchet" dropping and being panned, he put out the YouTube video for "Take It" featuring Joe. This song pretty much put the album in redemption mode quickly. Classic flow, dope lyrics, flawless beat, and Joe smoothing the whole thing over. The song will be available for download this week!

The tracklisting for the album is:
1. Something About U (FTW)
2. Where Ya At (BOSS)
3. Take It Featuring Joe
4. Closer Featuring Monica
5. Too Late
6. New Love
7. Dream With Me
8. Girl So Bad
9. Ratchet
10. Bartender Please
11. Bath Salt
12. Getting Paper
13. Jump On It
14. Hell Yeah
15. Whaddup

LL's website: www.LLCOOLJ.COM
LL's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/llcoolj
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Love the cover, but the song titles make me nervous. Could be half love songs. I dunno about a NY rapper droppin an album in February...do y'all listen to rap in the snow??? haha

Just played that Ratchet video again, kinda diggin it now that he thinks it's a joke. If he was serious about it I'd be concerned.

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I hoped it would be a double LP; with production from some folks he's rarely or never worked with: Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, DJ Toomp, and maybe hook back up with Rick Rubin, too. But I'll check it out.

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I love it....he rocked it at the Grammys!! Oh hey, Hip-Hop. Welcome back!

LL Cool J, Grammys 2013: Rapper Releases Song He Performed at Award Show


LL Cool J closed the 2013 Grammy Awards with Chuck D, Tom Morello, Travis Barker and Z-Trip. Now he's releasing the song he performed.

"Whaddup" features all the aforementioned and is from Uncle L's new album, Authentic, due in stores May 7.

Because CBS cut the performance off during the Grammys, it was hard to tell whether or not the song was any good. Younger fans were probably scratching their heads -- why is the guy from NCIS rapping? -- while old folks were likely glad to see hip-hop finally get some shine.

But sometimes it's best to hear a new song removed from the celebratory manner in which it's revealed. That said, "Whaddup" is actually pretty good. But don't let us sway you. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Should these guys hang it up or keep rocking?


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I think LL is wise for bumping the release date back a month and a half. He definitely felt the reaction of appreciation for the 2 songs he's performed/released after "Ratchet" tanked. He's changed the album artwork and changed the title to "Authentic." Here's the new cover, it definitely looks more artsty...


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Okay, this is weird. I downloaded the clean version of "Ratchet" when it first dropped (just because I was happen for some new LL). I've since gone back to download "Take It" and "Whaddup" and neither are available anymore. "Take It" is completely gone and "Whaddup" is listed but is "not available." That sucks. I can't wait another 2 months and was gonna make a new mix.

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