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AJ - I've been listening to this album non-stop the past 2 days at work on Spotify. Holy crap man....I'm really enjoying this album. I admit, I had my doubts when I heard the sampler but there's such a balance he displays from the old-school and new. It really is a breathe of fresh air.

You know what sucks though - its getting some bad reviews so far. People are tripping - how could you listen to an album once and give it a reivew?! Ridiculous.

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I was watching lls behind the music to vh1 last night, I ordered the new cdsaturday would've. Got it sooner but there's. Been a lot going to with me lately n I'm. Finally back online from what I heard this sounds better than exit 13 which I enjoyed a lot

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Well Today I got the authentic cd in the mail n I gotta say this album is a strong balance between the classic n new school flava which is refreshing. Its a surprise that critcs would knock ll for too many guests when they're all talented legends unlike other albums these days feature the garbage pop rappers. This album is instant classic material n with the kings to the mic tour this summer with publif enemy, de ll soul, n ice cube theres resurgance to classic hiphop.

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LL just put out the "Not Leaving You Tonight" lyric video. I'm not sure why he waited so long. It's not on YouTube yet, so you have click the link below...you'll find it under the short article.


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Here's my version of the album:

Bath Salt
Not Leaving You Tonight
New Love
We Came To Party
Bartender Please
We're the Greatest
Jump On It
Take It
Remember Me
NCIS: No Crew Is Superior
Super Baller
LLovely Day
Billie Jean Dream
Grammys 2009 Live Medley
Rock The Bells/Jump On It (Live on Jimmy Fallon)
Whaddup (Live-Grammys)

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ll's gonna be on the queen latifah show tomorrow

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i think his exit thirteen album was his best i especially loved the single rocking with the goat, shame how it didn't get the respect it deserved

Rocking with the GOAT is what I consider a 2008 Mama Said Knock You Out.....it's just incredible energy and I love the cutting on that track. It motivates me to workout - especially the music video lol..

Exit 13 was an ehh album. It had some great songs like Old School, Time for War, Rocking with the GOAT. but then some real garbage like Heartbeat, We Rollin, American Girl..

Authentic is definitely one of my fav. LL albums by far.

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It's disappointing that LL isn't fully promoting Authentic. It's one of my favorite albums of the last 10 years.

Anyway, he's done an explicit over-sexed song for DJ Whoo Kid's next album/mixtape(?), The N-Word Bond (wack title, right?). The beat isn't terrible...it's commercial with a dash of old school. LL isn't covering any new ground here. The new song is sexed up but isn't tongue and cheek like "Doin' It." I guess it's good news that it's a single for the album though. He could have easily gone with a song by a commercial rapper.


CentricTV.com | Music | Music Articles | 2014 | 03 | 11 | LL Cool J Wants To Go 'All Night Long'
LL Cool J Wants To Go 'All Night Long'
LL Cool J Wants To Go 'All Night Long' The hip-hop vet gets back in the saddle with an R-rated jam

Camille Travis

Posted: 03/11/2014 11:30 AM EDT

Filed Under New Music Music News LL Cool J

The ladies love Cool James for a reason.

In LL Cool J's latest release, the hip-hop vet is reminding female fans about he bedroom capabilities in "All Night Long," where he lays on the raunch quite thick.

"Take your clothes off, let's have a pose-off. Put it in deep, make you curl your toes off," he spits on the DJ Whoo Kid-assisted track. The single takes from Fonda Rae's '80s hit "Touch Me (All Night Long)."

The single is said to be featured on his forthcoming album The N-Word Bond Project, although a release date has yet to be announced.


You can listen to the song here...

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Exit 13 and authentic are both underrated

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i'm feeling that joint, i've been checking some of LL's posts on twitter and he mentions something about GOAT 2, is that a new album he's working on??!!

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