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Was this thread really necessary? or at least did you need to word it like that? We know you don't like Lil Wayne and no one is forcing you to listen to him or even like him as a person...Why go out of your way like this? That said, out of context the video is pretty funny. In context it's confusing.

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I didn't really go out of my way...this video was dropped in front of me and thought a few people might enjoy it. I couldn't believe someone would act this way in front of a judge. I just thought the awareness that the person he is in real life is just as awful as the music he makes should be shown. In this sense, he actually "keeps it real." Quite a feat for an "artist" of his caliber.

If you can think of a more accurate way to title this thread, I'll open to suggestions.

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Why not just "Lil Wayne acts a fool during his deposition". Or something normal? All this "HEY WE HATE LIL WAYNE HE'S AN IDIOT If you don't think so then watch this!" just comes off as trying too hard. And you explained your position and opinion perfectly in the 2nd post. Why didn't you just say that in the first post instead of "HES AN IDIOT HERE'S WHY"...

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