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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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JJFP & Jaden perform at MIB3 Premiere

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Yes thats exactly what ive been waiting for! Yeah they should have used a version of summertime that Will knew, i know the song like the back of my hand but i got confused with that one.

Its actually kinda cool to see Will and Jaden on stage together and only Will could have a premier with fireworks at the end lol.

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This stuff NEEDS to be on the Special features of MIB3 when it hits DVD. We knew this was coming and it's so good to actually see video of it. He may have came in at the wrong time on "Summertime" but he just keep going without missing a beat. True showmanship there because he could have just stopped and waited. Years ago Jaden was asking him why he wanted to rhyme...now he's up there with him.

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That video was dope. Jaden definitely is developing a stage persona that's good. He needs to ditch the skinny jeans tho.' LOL It kills me that they faded out in the middle of "Brand New Funk" tho.' JJ+FP is so dope after all these years. MORE MUSIC! TOUR PLEASE!!

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