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Will Smith Slaps Reporter


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My thing is this, even if it IS that reporter's gimmick (kissing celebs he interviews), this wasn't a sit-down interview. This is the "red carpet" where you have a few seconds with the entertainer and you move on. They probably never met each other, so what made him think he could use 5 of his 15 seconds with the biggest movie star in the world to kiss him?!? The reporter may not be a stupid person (or maybe he is), but it was a stupid move. Even when it comes to hugging, how many reporters hug celebs on the "red carpet?"

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Lol, Will was in Ali, people. He was press benching almost 300 pounds, if he wanted to hit the guy hard, the headlines would be another thing..

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This is interesting...

Is Will Smith’s Ukrainian Kisser The Man Who Gave Madonna Hydrangeas?

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss
We were happy to end our week with this ridiculous image of Will Smith backhanding a Ukrainian reporter who attempted to kiss him at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. But then the story got even better. After TMZ posted the video of the incident, which just made us feel much better about every awkward encounter we’ve ever experienced on the red carpet (sooo embarrassing when actors stare blankly at you for asking a question about vampires), we started to dig around to figure out who this reporter was. The site said kissing actors is his shtick. And we found something sooo much better than some guy pulling a Borat impression with unsuspecting Hollywood stars. We are almost certain that the man in question is none other than Vitalii Sediuk. OK, sorry, that name meant nothing to us either. Until we dug a little further and discovered he is the guy who gave Madonna those dreaded hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival last year. Watch both videos below and we think you’ll be convinced too. N2RiNWMxOSZvZj*w.gif
My first instinct is to thank Vitalii, for making the rest of us reporters look good. My second is to want to backhand him ourself. I can just see stars starting to put up plexiglass barricades between themselves and us. When all we really wanted to do is find out whether they prefer True Blood or Twilight.

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The video of the "incident" has over 5 mil views on youtube and people are commenting on it like crazy. Just saw it trending on yahoo too. You'd think that after few days the story would chill a lil ...most people are on Will's side though.

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