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Wills Birthday


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Okay so Will Smith's birthday is coming up on the 25th, right? so why dont we do something special on the site? i suggest we use this forum. chances are Will wont read it, but its the thought that counts. so reply to this post with anything you want. Saying happy birthday to will, telling him what you want, showing him things you made (collages or advertisements, or websites), ANYTHING at all in honor of his birthday. start working on it now and lets have it all posted by the 25th :birthday:
i myslef am going to come up with something special and post it in a few days. :sonny:
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"Will Smith Born to Reign"

Yep thats what written in most og the tables in my School... just I wrote it... u call it vandelizem I call it art lol...

Will Smith is the best ever made...
and if I would say something 2 him it will b in personal...

so just big big big Happy Birth day Will!!!
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