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Wills Birthday


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:birthday: :birthday: :thumb: :beer: :peace: Big Will!
You and Nas both have birthdays this week, I think Nas is today if I'm not mistaken, they should have one big hip-hop birthday b-day party for them since they're 2 of the greatest of all time! :grouphug: :dj:
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yo will, happy 36th b day men! want u to know that i'm a die hard fan of yours and will always continue to be. u inspire me; u're ma greatest role model.

just want u to know that they are a lot of haters who don't see anythin' good about u or anythin' u do. just keep ur head up and be focused.

b4 u venture into anythin' in ur musical or movie career, u gotta pray and meditate and also research 'bout it, to know if it's good enuff 4 u and ur career and ur fans and also the receiving public (consumers).

we wanna see u earn a grammy and an oscar before u turn 40! best of luck and keep keepin' it real!

once again happy birthday and much love!!!!!!
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Um... you guys have to help me out with something. I made this cool collage for will, and i cant post it. i need to know how to do it. its made in photoshop and last time i posted something in a forum, it was first put on the site, then dragged in, so help!!!

btw: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL. I hope my collage goes up and you can see it. hell, i just hope you come here and read all these! which, by the way, if you did and then came and said, hey you guys i read them and i liked them, we would be like, "your not will smith, that could be anyone saying they are will smith." so it puts you in a tight situation!!! WE LOVE YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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