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Will back in the studio?


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This videos are dope! First we have Fresh Prince the hype man...then he returns to his early stomping grounds for Lady B's 30th...all after showing up are the Charlie Mack event. All this is very refreshing after the last few years.

He never said he's retired from rhyming. Everybody needs to quit with that. We all know Jaden is rapping. Some of know FP will be doing the same....it's gonna happen.

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I really don't want to sound negative but I'm sure that Will's not going to do nothing new:-(.Reasons why he's lately seeing in random studios is that Willow album should be out anytime soon (she's in studios for days working on that),Jaden also recorded a song (I don't know why thought LOL),and KSmith wrote on his twitter that his uncle Will promise him that he's going to take care of his career and he already helped him to make a contract with somebody (I forget with who cause I don't care honestly)so I think that once again it's all about kids not him.And above all of that he's started new movie soon so...Wish I was wrong thought...

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