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Will back in the studio?


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from what I can tell he came to the studio..with people who rock with Charlie Mack.. and they say he still got bars..so he probably spit something for them.. but I don't think he recorded any new material based on those comments

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what? Jaden is rapping now? Looks like Will has definitely given up recording..maybe Jaden will do the MIB3 track?

This couldn't be truth,please tell me this isn't true :pray: !What's happening with Will recently?Is he so blind when it's about his kids?Don't have nothing against them but common already,this is too much-they put them everywhere I mean everywhere! :hissyfit:

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Will Smith Comes Home To Philly To Surprise Lady B!

Philadelphia hip-hop legend and 107.9 WRNB's very own Lady B is celebrating her 30th anniversary in radio on August 21st at the Dell. Several hip-hop legends will be in the building to recognize Lady B's contributions to Philly and the music industry, but Will Smith came by the 107.9 WRNB studios to celebrate her major milestone a little early.

Even though Will Smith is a busy movie star now, he still remembers and appreciates how Lady B helped him and DJ Jazzy Jeff when they were trying to get their careers started in music. Take a look at these friends reunite and take a trip down memory lane in this exclusive video!
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