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Seems legit:


I saw After Earth, the Will Smith/Jaden Smith movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan that releases June 2013. (self.movies)

About the Movie:
It was a fun science fiction movie that is meant for a teenage audience. The environments are great to look, I'm not talking Avatar quality but the rough scenes that I saw were very pleasing. The story is a nice mix of a survival/scifi/monster movie with a "coming of age" dusting on top. Will Smith is in a supporting role and Jaden has the majority of the screen time. I don't want to spoil too much so if you would like to know specifics about the plot or Shyamalan just ask me.
About the Process:
The whole event was set up at a local theater in Phoenix and was run by Nielson with help from the movie theater staff. Those that showed up were all placed in a line and then the teenagers or families with teenagers were picked to go in and check out the flick. I was one of the last people to go in just to fill random seats that were still left open. We had an introduction by a kind lady who told us that we were the first audience to ever see the movie and that we were going to have to use our imaginations on some scenes because the special effects/color balancing/sound balancing had not yet been finalized. Then the movie started and afterwards we filled out a survey about the movie with questions pertaining to movie pacing, acting ability, story, action, soundtrack, and others. All in all it was an interesting experience.

The guy talks about the movie more in the comment section, and does give minor spoilers

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