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Lupe Fiasco Feat Skylar Grey - "Words I Never Said"


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Lupe Fiasco doesn't realy like his new album

“One thing I try to stress about this project is, I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record–which is something I can’t separate–I hate this album. A lot of the songs that are on the album, I’m kinda neutral to. Not that I don’t like them, or that I hate them, it’s just I know the process that went behind it. I know the sneaky business deal that went down behind this song, or the artist or singer or songwriter who wrote this hook and didn’t want to give me this song in the first place. So when I have that kind of knowledge behind it, I’m just kind of neutral to it like, ‘Another day, another dollar.’ As opposed something like The Cool, which is more of my own blood, sweat, and tears, and my own control. With this record, I’m little bit more neutral as to the love for the record.”


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I find it odd that an artist actually says that he don't like his own album, but you gotta respect the honesty, oppose to when an artist usually says "my new album's a classic" and you find out it only has 2 good songs on it

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My friend told me that the album is in general pretty good, but he feels that it didnt reach the levels of the past albums from Lupe. What do yall think??

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