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JJFP for MIB3?


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The original "Men In Black" song may be more popular but I liked "Nod Ya Head" better when that came out, Will was spittin' hard, if the whole "Born To Reign" album had that edge to it it'd been classic, now if Jazzy gets an input for MIB3 then it'd be huge

Without a doubt Ted...it kinda sucks knowing Black Suits Comin was probably the hardest song on the album, well aside from the Born to Reign title track - still cant believe he made this a 2 minute track!!! Unbelievable..I still remember (even though I was 14) first listening to Born to Reign and thinking how the energy and vibe kinda went downhill after the title track.

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The remix to "Nod Ya Head" is on "Born To Reign" featuring Christina Vidal, she was on a show on Nickelodeon back in the early 2000s called "Taina", I wonder what happened to her

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There are 3 version of Nod ya head, the original, Nod Ya Head the remix feat Christina Vidal and MIB2 remix (album version). I have the 3rd remix on my nod ya head single, i assume since its called the album version its also on the MIB2 album.

If anyone wants the 3rd version i can upload it. It is pretty different, the chorus is completely different.

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Yeah, the MIB 2 Remix is only on the Import CD Single. I think it's clearly the best version of the song. The others are so polished and over-produced.

Is this the import CD AJ?


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