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What's Your Current Favorite TV Show?


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If I have to choose old tv shows it's easy, FPOBA and Friends!!!!!!! I've seen every episode of both one million times, even the specials with bloopers lol

That's why I said current TV shows, :laugh: If I had to choose shows that aren't running anymore then I'd definitely have to pick 'Friends' without any doubt!

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I don't really like tv shows with a serious or dark tone. I don't know why but it's mostly comedies for me.

Though there are a few exceptions like Californication.

Currently I love:

- Scrubs (amazing show, too bad Zach had to leave cause his character was just so funny)

- Californication (Duchovny is just perfect in this role. I wasn't feeling this for the first few episodes but it grew on me)

- Southpark (Can I get an amen ? Cartman doing poker face, Butters what what in the .... just brilliant comedy)

- Simpsons (I can't get enough of Homer)

All-time (TV shows that ended):

- Friends (possibly the perfect tv show ever)

- FPOBA (Close 2nd I prolly watched every episode a thousand times and still get a kick out of it)

- Seinfeld (No soup for you !!!!)

- 90210 (Ooohh I feel so embarassed admitting this one. What can I say I loved Brandon (Jason Priestley (no homo).)

- Frasier (I always felt bad about people who watched Frasier but then one day I caught one and had to sit through it and I loved it a lot since then I watch re-runs.)

- Knight Rider (David Hasselhoff in his prime, you know it's cheesy but you still end up watching it)

- A-Team (I love it when a plan comes together)

- Married With Children (Al Bundy was a funny funny character)

- Spin City (With Michael J.Fox and NOT with charlie sheen I can't stand that guy)

- The Cosby Show (I watched it as a kid still occassionally do when I catch one)

- Family Ties (Loved it, Michael J. Fox was pretty good)

Out of those I religiously followed Friends, FPOBA and Seinfeld. The others I liked but didn't follow it with a passion.

If I caught one I'd watch it.

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- Knight Rider (David Hasselhoff in his prime, you know it's cheesy but you still end up watching it)

- A-Team (I love it when a plan comes together)

Ahhh, loved them. So 80's! I'd have to add 'MacGyver' too. Patty and Selma would never forgive me if I didn't.

Other sitcoms I loved were 'Growing Pains', 'Family Matters' (Steve Urkel = Legend!) and, of course, 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'. And I can't forget 'Captain Tsubasa': Best Soccer Animated TV Show Ever.

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Of all time? My favorite shows would be The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show, Lois + Clark, X-Files, Scrubs...I could keep going.

I haven't watched TV regularly in 10 years. Most of my TV watched is TV on DVD or stuff that regularly gets shown in reruns thoughout the week. I'm way to busy to watch something every week. I watch a handful of TV pastors like Joel Osteen and Rod Parsley to keep good stuff going in my head. I watch a few VH-1 reality shows (even though I wouldn't call them great TV...ha ha). And as silly as it is, I watch Hannah Montana...ha ha. After a long day at work, it always puts me in a good mood. Over the years I've been able appriciate a much wider variety of TV, music, and movies. These days I'll give anything a chance.

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