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Movement on Bad Boys III


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the pic looks dope, digging it!

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On 15/10/2015 at 9:23 AM, Da Brakes said:

I actually think it may be called "Bad Boys For Life"

OMG.. Brakes! I wanna have your powers! :scared::pound:

Not surprised to see the release date has been pushed back (again), there was no way they were gonna release the movie next June without having started filming yet. Not to mention that it seems that 'Bright' is the next movie Will's gonna film.

I'd even say January 2018 isn't the final date either. It'd be strange if a 'Bad Boys' movie doesn't come out in summer. Time will tell.

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Good title, and i ma happy they are pushing it back if it means its not rushed and done properly. But yes Michael Bay's over the top action directing will be missed for sure.

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Ha ha!! Now to try and predict the lottery numbers! :pound:

if it means hat we'll get a great 3rd instalment, I don't mind the date being pushed back.. Hopefully it will be moved to a summer release though.. That's where it belongs.. It won't feel right being released in the winter..

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