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Movement on Bad Boys III


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It's not necessarily a bad thing for him to get Aladdin done. It's a guaranteed hit. Bad Boys will be another one. I kind of wish Bay was on Bad Boys though. I'm not film critic. I know he has a very mixed reputation among movie fans, but I Bad Boys is an area where he excels. I think he contributed a lot to the look and feel of the films. If he's not doing it, they need someone who will capture something similar.

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For those who don't want to read the entire article, this is wat Jerry Bruckheimer has to say about Bad Boys III:

The super-producer also offered a few updates on other projects in the pipeline:

Bad Boys for Life: Despite Martin Lawrence‘s recent comments that he didn’t think his reteaming with Will Smith for this threequel would actually happen, Bruckheimer remained optimistic. “Well, we’ve been developing it for I don’t know how many years now and we had a period of time where it got pretty close and then it drifted away a little bit and hopefully it will drift back again,” he said. “We have a new writer on it who’s working on it right now, so that gives me encouragement.”

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