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Michael Jackson Dies At 50

Da Brakes

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Theres no way its suicide, he would never do that do his family especially his kids. He also wouldnt do that to his fans

I thought the same thing when I heard it.

12 people have commited suicide themselves bcoz of MJ's death.

That's crazy. I'll never understand why things like this happen.

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12 people have commited suicide themselves bcoz of MJ's death.

That's crazy. I'll never understand why things like this happen.

I heard about those people too. Obviously didnt know MJ too well if they thought he'd like to see things like that happening. Pathetic really. Whilst I was highly saddened about his death and have been reminiscing his music ever since, even thinking about commiting suicide as a possible option is beyond me. As much as I disagree with suicide, I can see how stresses and strains on peoples lives can make them resort to it, but the death of MJ, as much as I love him myself, should not be one of them.

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It's good 2 read this and see that this is working out for what seems 2 be the best. Hopefully this didn't happy with Debbie Rowe getting more money out of now having the kids. This is probably the best thing for the kids. They'll be able 2 figure out what the next step is as Katerine gets older and is unable to take care of them.


Grandmother Katherine Gets Custody of Jackson Children


posted: 56 MINUTES AGOcomments: 35filed under: Music NewsPRINT|E-MAILMOREText SizeAAAAfter weeks of negotiation, Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have settled their custody dispute over Michael Jackson's children. The pop star's mother and his ex-wife have reached an out-of-court agreement giving Katherine permanent, sole custody of Prince Michael I, 12, Paris-Michael Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael II, 7, also known as Blanket.

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Splash News / Bauer Griffin

(L-R) Paris Katherine, 11, Prince Michael Jr., 12, and Prince Michael II, 7, known as Blanket

Rowe, the biological mother of the elder two children, will have meaningful, but unspecified, visitation rights and retain her legal parental rights, ABC News reports. Under the agreement, according to sources, Rowe will not get any additional money.

"Sources say, it was Debbie Rowe who decided the kids are better off staying with Katherine and the Jackson family," reported NBC News' Jeff Rossen. "Both sides will submit this deal to a judge on Monday morning for approval."

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Memorable Michael MomentsSteve Allen, Liaison / Getty Images16 photos Kisses, pajama pants, mysterious bandages, scary baby moments and more make up classic snapshots of the King of Pop. See Them Now >>>(Note: Please disable your pop-up blocker)

Memorable Michael Moments

Michael Jackson starred as the Scarecrow in the 1978 film 'The Wiz.'

Tom Zimberoff, Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Jackson in February of 1993.


Time showed off an Andy Warhol portrait on a 1984 cover at the height of his 'Thriller' popularity.

Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

Michael Jackson is photographed with Brooke Shields in 1988.

Ron Galella, WireImage

Michael Jackson hit the court with Michael Jordan during the video shoot for 'Jam' in 1992.


Jackson attends a Pepsi press conference on February 3, 1992. Jackson accepted the largest individual sponsorship deal in history from Pepsi-Cola in 1983.

Steve Allen, Liaison / Getty Images

Jackson performs during the halftime show at the Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena in 1993. The halftime show was a ratings smash.

Rusty Kennedy, AP

Jackson and his wife Lisa Marie Presley kiss on the stage of Radio City Music Hall at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards. "And they said he wouldn't last," Jackson joked.

AFP / Getty Images

Wearing a black surgical mask, Jackson arrives with companion Debbie Rowe, mother to two of his children, at a performance of the play "Sisterella" in 1996.

Chris Pizzello, AP

Michael Jackson with baby son Prince and mother Debbie Rowe on cover of OK! Magazine in 1997.

OK! Magazine / AP

Katherine Jackson's attorney spoke to NBC Monday, and said, "We've kind of gotten together, and we've been thoughtful and prudent and we're working on an agreement that's going to be not just what's best for Debbie Rowe or Mrs. Jackson, but what's best for the two children that Debbie Rowe had."

The three children have been living with their grandmother and other family since Michael Jackson's June 25 death. As part of their agreement, Debbie Rowe and Jackson will split the cost of a child psychologist to help the kids ease into their life at the Encino family home and adjust to the regular presence of Rowe, according to TMZ.

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Michael Jackson Movie Gets a Release Date

Sony Pictures has now confirmed that it is joining with Sony Music Entertainment to release a movie featuring behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage from preparation for Michael Jackson's "This Is It" concert series in London.

Sony paid $60 million to concert producer AEG and the singer's estate for rights to turn the footage into a movie. Though the deal was negotiated last month, it was officially approved by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge today.

The studio will release the film, also called "This Is It," worldwide on Friday, October 30th. Sony will no doubt be tying the opening into Michael Jackson's Halloween-oriented classic album and video "Thriller."

Sony also revealed that some sequences, which were shot for use in the concert, will be in digital 3-D.


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im predicting it will be one of the biggest box office hits ever. I cant wait to see it but its the most bittersweet things, i should have seen this live not in a movie theatre. I hope it opens peoples mind to his genius tho and lets him be remembered for that and not what the tabliods created.

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yeah it's gonna be a bittersweet thing with this film, i'm gonna be hyped to see it but it's sad that he didn't survive to do the tour, btw LL Cool J did a MJ tribute song called "Billie Jean Dream":


LL Cool J On His Michael Jackson Tribute & Contest

August 11th, 2009 | Author: Andres Tardio

After Michael Jackson passed away, it left many in shock. One of those people was LL Cool J. The emcee recently leaked his remixed version of MJ's "Billie Jean" in a move to pay homage to one of his favorite performers of all time [click to listen]. He also says the lyrics he wrote on the track came to him in his sleep.

"After hearing the tragic news of Michael Jackson's death, the lyrics for the 'Billie Jean' remix came to me in a dream," LL told Billboard [click here].

"Michael was one of my childhood idols and has always been a great inspiration to me."

It's because of this that he has decided to title the song "Billie Jean Dream: Written by Michael Jackson."

The song will also work as a tool for other fans to connect with. On Boomdizzle.com, his social networking site, LL is allowing fans to make videos for this song and has asked supporters to submit their own MJ tribute tracks.

There will actually be a contest for the best Michael Jackson tribute song. The winning artist will obtain promotional help from Boomdizzle.com. Finalists will be chosen by other users and a panel of judges led by Cool J.

Last month, LL Cool J made headlines as the new star of NCIS: Los Angeles, a new television series for NBC [click to read].

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Michael Jackson To Be Laid to Rest

Michael Jackson will be laid to rest at Holly Terrace in the Grand Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA on Saturday, August 29, 2009, at 10:00 AM PST, on what would have been his 51st birthday. The private ceremony will be limited to family and close friends. There will be accommodations for the media nearby.

The Jackson family once again wishes to express its gratitude to Michael’s fans around the world for their support during these difficult times.

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It's good 2 see they are finally moving on with this. I don't know if everyone is still following up on the news....Janet has finished shooting the sequel to Why Did I Get Married and is working on a new album with Jimmy Jam + Terry Lewis. There's talks of a Jackson 8 tour that she'll headline. I also saw that MJ's doctor put up a video on YouTube and isn't straightening out any of the wrinkles in the story of his last 24 hours.

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Date Changed to September 3rd for Michael Jackson Burial

The date for Michael Jackson’s burial has been changed to Thursday, September 3, 2009, at 7:00 PM PST. The private ceremony - at Holly Terrace in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA - will be limited to family and close friends.

There will be accommodations for the media nearby.


Michael Jackson "This Is It" To Be Presented Exclusively For Two-Week Limited Engagement Around The World

CULVER CITY, Ca., August 20, 2009 - Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment announced today that Michael Jackson THIS IS IT will be released exclusively for a special, limited, two-week engagement worldwide, with the studio pushing up the debut of the film by two days, to Wednesday, October 28th. Due to the anticipated demand for this film, tickets for the two-week presentation will go on sale in most cities beginning on Sunday, September 27th.

Separately, the producers of Michael Jackson THIS IS IT announced that Kenny Ortega has been set to direct the motion picture. The film is being produced with the full support of The Estate of Michael Jackson.

Commenting on the announcement, Ortega, director of and Jackson’s creative partner on the THIS IS IT concert, said, “This film is Michael’s gift to his fans. As we began assembling the footage for the motion picture we realized we captured something extraordinary, unique and very special. It’s a very private, exclusive look into a creative genius’s world. For the first time ever, fans will see Michael as they have never seen him before – this great artist at work. It is raw, emotional, moving and powerful footage that captures his interactions with the THIS IS IT collaborators that he had personally assembled for this once in a lifetime project. This film shows a consummate performer working with and guiding singers, dancers, band members, choreographers, special effects creators and countless other creative members of the team as we all assemble this historic concert. I can think of many words to describe Michael as he rehearses for and creates THIS IS IT– inspirational, dynamic, generous, dedicated, loving and the guiding force—you see him as the true architect and driving force of this project – a true master of his craft, the Entertainer of Entertainers. I’m proud of the many years of friendship and creative association I shared with Michael and I’m happy that people will get a chance to see his spirit and drive in action. THIS IS IT may go down as the greatest concert that no one got a chance to see, but with this film, we get a rare portrait of Michael as he prepares for his final curtain call and what I believe was going to be his master work.”

Michael Jackson THIS IS IT will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that would have taken place beginning this summer in London’s O2 Arena. Chronicling the months from April through June, 2009, the film is drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing a number of his songs for the show. Audiences will be given a privileged and private look at the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, and genius as he creates and perfects his final show.

“I have never been partners with a more creative, innovative or groundbreaking entertainer than Michael Jackson,” said Randy Phillips, President & CEO, AEG LIVE and producer of Michael Jackson THIS IS IT. “While the concerts would have been the greatest shows in the history of music, our film will provide a historic event for Michael’s fans to see for themselves the genius that he was and the creativity, talent and imagination that the entire cast devoted to create the ‘greatest concert that never happened’.”

In the coming weeks, additional information about the film will be available at www.michaeljackson.com.

Dubbed the Billion Dollar Maestro by Daily Variety, KENNY ORTEGA has conquered Feature Films, Television, Stage, Concerts and massive Live Events such as The Olympics with equal excellence. As Michael Jackson’s director and creative partner on THIS IS IT as well as the previous Jackson concert tours DANGEROUS and HISTORY, Mr. Ortega has been a friend, trusted colleague and collaborator of Michael Jackson’s for over 20 years.

Kenny will segue from directing the film version of THIS IS IT to directing the Paramount feature film Footloose this fall. The multiple Emmy Award winner famously directed and visualized Disney’s billion-dollar High School Musical franchise of films both for Television and as a Feature Film. Kenny directed the fastest selling concert tour in history, the Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus “Best of Both Worlds Tour” featuring The Jonas Bros. This tour broke numerous records and extended its sell out tour by more than 20 shows. He also directed to tremendous praise the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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