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FAKE Will Smith twitter..spreading rumours


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People, I just woke up and got into Twitter where Will said he is going to make another album that is going to be released sometime next year!!!!


Just got done eating mcdonalds!!! You guys spoke and I responded. I will be making another album which will be released sometime in 2010

Check the news yourself here:


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I'm not gonna be getting my hopes up

Is this really Will on Twitter or is it just a poser? On the other hand though Will has no movies planned to come out this year (As far as i know anyway) so he has got time to work on a new album this year

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lets wait and see. still a long way to go in my opinion. But anyway, its going to be a Will Smith solo album again and really we all rather would like to see a JJFP album right?

the weird thing is, that the mainstream hiphop isnt hiphop anymore, Will jut wouldn't fit into MTV and all that people around these days.

he should make a few songs with jazzy and share them on myspace, just for the love of the game.

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Have we not learnt from past experiences that Will contradicts pretty much everything he ever says about new music.

I find it hard to believe this is really his twitter page

Sit down, relax and we'll see if and when this develops.

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Aahh Visqo man, can't get my hopes up like that. I thought this was official when I read the title and jumped on it lol.

I really don't believe this, not even 0,1%. Will don't post on the internet, not like that anyway. I wish though, I wish this was true. Him and Jeff need to make another album. And Will has the power and money to collab with whoever he wants. I'd love for him to have Mos, Common etc. on it.

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Sorry to be negative but i highly doubt this, i know twitter is very popular but i think Will is the last person to be on there. Its just some1s sick joke and when i find out it is im gonna be posting on that person site with a piece of my mind.

Its cool that the other message board got excited tho.

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