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Born To Reign may not be Will's stongest album (at least not what many of his fans wanted), but no hating is allowed in here. In other words, if u ain't got nuttin' nice 2 say, don't say nuttin.' Give props where they are due.

BORN TO REIGN - nice beat, lyrics are insane. Will definitly puts most of todays succesfull rappers in their place...Go on FP!!

ACT LIKE YOU KNOW - this is an ill club banger. Listen 2 FP's flow...it dosen't get any better than this.

I CAN'T STOP - FP's races the rhyme on this one (just incase some of us doubted him). I love the soundfx he makes. The production is like something not many emcees would even attempt 2 flow over.

1,000 KISSES - Nice love joint. Breezy summery sampled beat and an almost-poetic lyrics.

WILLOW IS A PLAYER - Man, i wish FP rapped on this track instead of singing. This song is so funny. Misleading lyrics that only FP fans will understand. Can't believe Will is singing...ha ha.

HOW DA BEAT GOES - Old skool party joint....no FP album would be complete without a song like this.

BLOCK PARTY - Laid-back Hip-Hop beat that provides the perfect summertime cruise-worthy joint. Let's u know that FP hasn't changed after all these years.

GIVE ME TONITE - Yo, FP outdid himself on this one. The lyrics are fire, something most of us fellas can relate 2. The beat is rich and heavy and has some of the illest dirty guitars i've ever heard.

I GOTTA GO HOME - Reggae flavaed Hip-Hop joint...who knew FP had this track up his sleeve. Another joint that most fellas can relate 2. I can totally see the video 2 this song already.

MAYBE - Grown-up love track. Totally accomplishes putting his feelings in2 this joint. The production is a lazy...but not totally in a bad way. Poetic delivery...something different.

MOMMA KNOWS - Nice beat and great song 4 young people 2 hear.

NOTHING ON MY MIND - Wow!!, breezy, laid-back, summer track. I can't wait til i can relate 2 this track again...ha ha. I like the way Will plays with his flow.

Hate the album if u want, but FP really took a step outside of the box this time and experimented in crazy ways. U have 2 admire his confidence 2 do an album like this.
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AGREED!! I waz JUST gonna post somethin' like this after I found I had trouble picking only one fav. track!

Born To Reign is definitely underrated. The beats are some of the best of the 3 solo albums, and u can tell Will really put his soul into it! Man, if u really think about it...there aren't very many weak trax on the album at all!

Now I admit, I waz one of the people that dissed this album. But many people overlooked it and didn't expect it 2 be so different. I love the beats, I love the flows on every track, and I love the album overall!

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Most of the people know on this board that I'm one of the fans who aren't totally into this album. It seems though that whenever someone menchons a track or album to give it credit, I listen to it.

Born to Reign, not something like Will's previous albums but this album does have some bright spots. In my opinion the best tracks are below.

Born to Reign - Great opening to the album. Will once again proves that after two years away from Willenium, he's still in the game. A more mature rap battle type track. Should be a little longer though. Still great.

Act Like You Know - I always thought Will sounded like he was waking up after two years. haha. Will has great flow in this song, good lyrics. "no more acting, back to rappin' again..." - i wish that would happen again. Only for 6 months to a year. Sony should have singled this track.

Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) - It may be a movie song, but lyrically it's one of his best movie songs. Will delievers clever lyrics and rap's great over a guiter background. I still think the whole "Nod ya head" part is corny, but it works for the song. "the best-lookin crime fighter since myself in part one". Tra-Knox does great in this song as well.

How Da Beat Goes On - Definatly should have been that 2nd single to this album. Sony made a BIG mistake by overlooking this track as it would have done well on the charts. Probally could have pushed this album up to Platinum Status. "..but yo the movies just a chick on the side, I'm in love with the flow." This song just needs maybe a remix or some more rap to it. Still great song though.

Block Party - A nice laid back summer time style track. Seems like Will self-promoted it in interviews. This could have been released as a single as well. Nice to hear FP hasn't let the hollywood movie lifestyle change from his old philly-street life.

Give Me Tonite - The best track on the album that has the best beat. Great song to "PUMP UP THE BASS". I can totally relate to the lyrics. Maybe a little more rap but it's still awesome.

Nothin' on My Mind - The first 20 seconds sounds like the opening of "From Da South". Pretty nice to see Will just sit back and rap. A decent track.

- All in all, I give Born to Reign a 6 out of 10. Which is average. Not Will's best though. I'll only go that far. haha. :werd: :rofl: Edited by DevilsJim89
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to me the greatest strength of born to reign was the lyrics... what will was saying and talking about .. in that regard some of his best lyrics.. willow is a player was very clever... 1000 kisses/maybe showed his love for jada... he still threw in sum classic fresh prince in i gotta go home/give me tonite .. i think the album really shows how highly will values family...
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I liked this album mainly because of the mix of hip hop and classical guitar, the only other person that can pull that off is wyclef. Ive been playin the guitar 4 half my life now and its great to hear so much of it in this album.

Born to Reign - a great track and i love the agressiveness in this song, Will leaves u wanting more, so its a bit of a shame it wasnt longer. Fantastic lyrics too!

Act like you know - great beat just makes u wanna dance, it has a real feel good vibe 2 it too.

I cant stop - Love the latin feel of the song, and again makes me wanna dance lol.

1000 kisses- a completely underated song, and after i heard the live verson, i loved it even more, there was so mich energy tra knox did a really good job on this, the harmonies are amazing.

Willow is a player - I really liked the way Will sang in this one, plus the lyrics are so clever and not many ppl get them.

How da beat goes - best track of the album and thats all i hav 2 say about that 1.

Block party - nice chilled feel to this 1, guitars are great, i didnt used 2 like it much but its grown on me so much.

Give me tonite - the first thing that struck me when i heard this song was the guitar sample, its one of my fav guitar tracks called classical gas by mason Williams and ive been playing it 4 a few years. So when i heard it, it was like jaw 2 the floor.

I gotta go home - good subject to write about, im sure every guy can realate to that. Nice summer feel to it.

Maybe - gotta admit its one of my east faves of Wills , bit since there is no negativity allowed i like the harmonies from tra knox and Wills lyrics are cool too.

Momma knows - again i dont like this 1 that much, but lyrics are good.

Nod ya head - ok so it might be a bit cheesy but its a bit of fun, u can dance 2 it and it was a hit what more can u ask 4. :biggrin:
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I just got a question, why do you dislike born to reign?
[b]Is it the beats?[/b]

The two songs that I mostly dislike are: Willow is a player and Maybe.I only listen to them when I'm sad.

The rest of the Album, I just think it's great. Including Nad ya head, Give me tonite,Nad ya head remix, act like you know and I gotta go home.these are the songs that I mostly listen to when i put in the track.
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Much like Code Red, Born To Reign was truly slept on. I like the fact that an artist can experiment with his/her music. It shows creativity and an ability to venture outside the box. It's amazing that there are some people who give Outkast mad props for going outside the norm with Speakerboxx/The Love Below but won't give Will props for experimenting with Born To Reign. Here are my grades for each song:

Born To Reign: A-(it would have gotten an A but the track is less than 2 minutes)

Act Like You Know: A(classic JJFP joint)

I Can't Stop: A(I love the whole latin vibe and Will's flow is really tight on this song)

1,000 Kisses: B+(cool track; very breezy)

Willow Is A Player: B(would have been better if Will sang a little less but the lyrical content is witty)

Black Suits Comin'[Nod Ya Head]: A(I love this song; the whole live instrument arrangement was amazing; love the rock guitar opening)

How The Beat Goes On: B-(cool track; don't listen to it all the time though)

Block Party: A(I call it "Summertime" for the new millennium; great song)

Give Me Tonite: B+(a tight club beat with grown-up Fresh Prince lyrics)

Gotta Go Home: B+(the video for this would have been amazing; song would have been better if there was a third verse)

Maybe: A-(this is for grown folks; harmonizing is tight; real smooth vibe)

Nod Ya Head[The Remix]: C+(I routinely skip over this track because the original was much tighter; really no need for a remix)

Momma Knows: A-(cool beat; positive vibe and lyrics)

Nothin' On My Mind: A("Summertime - Part II" for the new millennium)

Overall Grade: B+ ----------> A-(not as great as Willennium but on the same par as BWS in my opinion)
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I think that Born to reign is much better than BWS. In my opinion columbia "killed" this album with the lack of promotion. The first single was bsc and it was a great mistake because the album was painted as mib2 album, not hip hop. But B2R is good!! this was my "plan" for B2R..

BSC-- 2 moths before the album came out
How da beat goes-- the first single
Block party-- In my opinion this track is perfect during sept october
Act like u know-- third and last single

...double platinum.. I'm sure
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[quote=TooFresh,Mar 27 2004, 12:45 PM]I think that Born to reign is much better than BWS. In my opinion columbia "killed" this album with the lack of promotion. The first single was bsc and it was a great mistake because the album was painted as mib2 album, not hip hop. But B2R is good!! this was my "plan" for B2R..

BSC-- 2 moths before the album came out
How da beat goes-- the first single
Block party-- In my opinion this track is perfect during sept october
Act like u know-- third and last single

...double platinum.. I'm sure[/quote]
That seems like a good plan. Too bad they should have released it maybe two weeks before so they could release "How Da Beat Goes" and "Block Party". Two tight jams for the summertime.

From seein' Will in interviews and during promo concerts for the album such as NYC on Today Show and Back in Black on MTV, seems like "I Can't Stop" and "Block Party" were going to be released as singles.
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I remember seeing that "Act Like You Know" waz advertised as a future single somewhere...but it never happened. I think it would have saved the album providing it got support.

Columbia never stuck 2 their plans when singles came around. For Big Willie Style, Yes Yes Y'all waz used in advertisting. For Willennium, Afro Angel and The Rain were used in some advertisments. If they would have gone with more solid singles (and better songs) like those instead of the commercial stuff like Miami, Will 2K, and Freakin' It...i think things would be different.
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