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My rhyme

Guest Enemy of the State

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Guest Enemy of the State
Jumpin out of distractions
On to greater things than perceived or conceived
Even broken into fractions
It doesn’t matter when you’ve been deceived
See to believe
As wool being pulled over eyes is achieved
Lapping up the attention
Is the obvious retention
Able to portray false ideas
Reverse the irreversible
Just as the inexcusable
Opens up to peoples
Eyes to their surprise
It isn’t as it seems
Seems things have been said that only occur in dreams
All is not peace and harmony
Look and who is being harmed B
It ain’t who you think
And so the stomach begins to sink
Realization of the obvious trick
Jinxed infinite
Ode to a misrepresentation
Even by miscalculations
Its obvious the devastation
Surely cause by one mans inevitable carstration
Alleviating the wrongs which have not been righted
Looks impossible from this short sighted
All out fallacy
Run from the scenery

Just keep ya distance
Overwhelming me with ya persistence
End all whackness because you have no resistence

I see straight through your pitiful mask
Somebody gotta admit reading your rhymes is a painful task

So whack but doesn't admit it
Oh **** it, just quit it

Fancying yourself, bringing computer generated lyrics
A whack cat, and I'm one of your critics
Krazy times, a krazy business
End of the rhyme, and the hidden moral of my story is...
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Word at Tim. The emotion is there. I feel the vibe you're bringing man. I don't know what the hidden moral of that is though, anyone else got it? Edited by Prince
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Guest Enemy of the State
Hehe thanks, but nobody seen my hidden message yet? I would have thought it was pretty obvious. If you look, there is a clue in every line, and if you pay enough attention, in the rhyme I have already told you the answer.
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That rhyme's dope, I can smell a battle! :clap: How u gonna respond to that J-O-E?
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