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I wasn't sure if this needed to be posted, but here it is anyway..

K-Smith: The Real Fresh Prince (Directed by Mar/M-Visions)

Part 1:


Part 2:


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So Jaden's now a rapper too? lol, I can't believe that

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Les Grossman as Jaden's Master!

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are "Bad Ass Cops," Jaden Smith is the Karate Kid (while Will Smith watches), and Michael Cera is a living bookend. Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman, the infamous Hollywood mega mogul first spotted in Tropic Thunder, has his fingers in every BLEEP pie in Hollywood.

"Aside from the money and the power and the money and the … power, I do it only for you," Les Grossman explains to the MTV Movie Award audience, held Sunday in Universal City.

That’s before Grossman gets his arm broken by Jaden Smith and before he wraps things up by telling the MTV crowd that "tonight, I’m gonna shove this lump of coal up my ass, clinch by buttcheeks and crap back a diamond for you — the viewer." Some would say that perfectly describes what Hollywood producers churn out — minus the diamond part.




"Oh, oh, oh.. Fresh Prince says "he" is ready!"
"Parents just don't understand.. "

Haha! Awesome! :pound: Tom Cruise is the man!!!

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Superstar Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Starts a Revolution by Baring Her Body & Soul for ESSENCE's July Issue

Aims to Empower Black Women and Girls to Rejoice in Their Bodies and Celebrate Their Skin

'When I walked out there and disrobed, I felt like a queen. I felt like the world was mine. Like there was this power just emanating from my person. Like there was nothing I couldn't do...'— Jada Pinkett Smith, ESSENCE

NEW YORK, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-talented actress and superstar mom Jada Pinkett Smith is starting a revolution. She bares it all for the July cover of ESSENCE magazine, and makes a bold statement to empower Black women and girls. Jada shares the motivation behind her shoot, and explains why she approached ESSENCE with the idea. For her, posing nude is not about Hollywood vanity, but about the desire to teach her young daughter about positive body image. By celebrating our bodies and our skin tone, Jada preaches the power of femininity and the freedom of self-acceptance.



The July issue of ESSENCE magazine hits newsstands on June 11.

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Jada Pinkett Smith reveals daughter loves her naked magazine pic

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has posed nude for Essence magazine and revealed that her nine-year-old daughter loves the picture.

The 38-year-old actress – who stripped off for the US publication – told the magazine that when she showed the picture to her little girl Willow, the child said: 'Mummy, you look so elegant.'

Pinkett Smith, who is married to movie star Will Smith, said she felt empowered by stripping off for the camera.

She said: 'In all honesty, when I walked out there and disrobed, I felt like a queen… like there was nothing I couldn't do.'

But the mum-of-two admitted that she originally wasn't going to pose completely naked.

'I was wearing a really cute pair of taupe-coloured shorts and nothing else,' Pinkett Smith told Essence.

'And I thought, 'This just looks like 'scared'’. Everything comes off, but the shorts? Fear is what communicates.'

She also tells the magazine, which is aimed at African-American women: 'We can't be afraid of our own sexuality or our own black skin.

'So I said, 'Why not take these off?''

The Baltimore-born actress is currently starring in the second series of her hit show HawthoRNe, which airs on US cable TV.

She appears nude on one of two special covers of the July issue of Essence.


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Video: Jada Pinkett Smith Promotes Self Confidence by Baring it All



Jada Pinkett Smith has a message behind her choice to strip down for Essence magazine.

“Lay your eyes on the beauty of black women!” she tells the publication. “That’s the statement. The black woman is very spiritual. She is the ultimate mother, the ultimate of everything. We connect to all things. Lay your eyes on that."

The size-zero actress adds, "We, as women, have to love ourselves. Whatever you look like, you better be comfortable with it. ... All my life black men have told me how flawed I am. People may look at that picture and not necessarily be able to identify my woes about my own body, but I have them. It’s just that I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like, 'This is me' and I embrace that. I’m getting older. I’ve got wrinkles in my face that I didn’t before, but it’s my face!”

Jada offers up some advice in self confidence, telling Essence readers, “Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? Because I bet that if you love it authentically, everybody else around you will. They won’t even have a chance to see anything else, because you will have a shield of confidence around you. That is a powerful gift that God gives us that most of us rarely use.”

For more photos and quotes from the actress, check out the latest issue of Essence magazine, on newsstands June 11. Then catch Jada on the tube when "Hawthorne" returns for its second season on Tuesday, June 22 at 9 p.m on TNT.

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