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As most of u guys know, I've just had surgery, and having a really hard tyme dealing with alot of things smashing at me right afterwards. At home,...physically,...sentimentally... other people's in~sensitivities have really torn me up too.. and well,.. I've been a mess! Unable to really rest so that I can recouperate, unusually high blood pressure, and stress... and before I knew it, I was chanelling all of my pain towards quite afew people, without taking notice... all because of my own selfish inability to cope.

Top that off... I have horribly severe allergic reactions to opiates / meds that was injected into my IV at the hospital; that it has physically limited my activities to basically NOTHING more than coolliN out at the crib. ... & running errands, and a couple of emergency runs back n forth to the hospital. If I am only MODERATELY active for 10 minutes, I have an allergic reaction to 'heat'... and im sooo so miserably in pain... and because of nothing that can be done at the moment until I get to an allergist... Im just miserable right now and I guess, and AJ... baby, Ur not the only one to take notice. trust me.

sooo... i may be in my usual MIA mode 4 awhile, as I'm very well known for.....

I just need a break from everything thats aggrevating me so that i can "heal" properly... Its alot more 2 it,.. but some of it is personal.

I love U guys, and again. I apologize with sincerity and am really sorry if Ive been "MEAN" 2 anyone without realizing it lately...

IM just in alot of pain... and need to take time for myself... hopefully a few weeks will do...

cya lata....

~ cookie


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Aw you don't have to apologize for anything, it's ok, hope you feel better soon

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Im feeling somewhat better U guys. I still have allergic attacks bad, I just have to deal with it until my body releases less histamines when Im exerting energy. I was back n forth at the hospital twice yesterday... Soon I'll be in full force, and can load the board with my notorious long posts...

cuz... I wanna see how true it is, when some1 shared about Visqo taking cheap shots at my postings... while I was away sick...

~ cookie

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