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lmao @ this....

DN: Who’s the better actor? You or Will Smith?

LL: I think the guy who has had the better films is Will Smith. I don’t know if he’s a better actor than me. I don’t think so. I am a rapper first. Man, I just love what I do. I am just the greatest and I can’t help it. I’m sorry man.


:stickpoke: what has LL done seriously as an actor? maybe I missed something.

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I don't see LL as really comparing him 2 FP. They are good friends who have been doing what they do for over 20 years. They've both done good movies bad movies, hit albums, lackluster albums, TV shows and stayed true to themselves over the years.

LL focuses more on music which is why he has dropped more albums and kept a more generalized respect musically. He does have a point that he hasn't gotten the kind of roles and movies that FP has. He would have 2 focus less on music 2 stretch himself. I wish FP would STOP with the movies and do more music.

LL is always clowning in interviews. If he's hit with a ?uestion that is potentially there 2 start drama, he often dances around it or jokes about it just like FP often does. He's not gonna insult his friend. I see him answering that with that big LL smile. He actually kinda avoids answering it with how it ends his responce.

They are my 2 favorite emcees...i'm not even trying 2 compare. I'm just waiting for the day when they do a song 2gether.

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